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Doubletrees by Hilton Puntarenas-Our Review:)

What do you like in a resort?

Staying at the Doubletrees Resort in Puntarenas is a wonderful location to enjoy many tours without having to travel for hours and wasting a better part of your day.  After all I hope you’ve come to see the many wonders of Costa Rica.  If you are visiting Costa Rica for a weeks vacation this resort is pretty central to a lot of the amazing tourist areas for sightseeing.  It’s about 1 hour 20 minutes to the San Jose Airport in Alajuela depending on traffic and road conditions.  The beach is located on the Nicoya Gulf.  Make sure to take a leisure stroll out to the pier for a picturesque sunset view.


Front entrance to the Doubletree Resort

The grounds are always well kept and you should definitely see a few iguanas sometimes taking in the sun by the pool or hiding out in the grass or maybe under your lounge chair.  “Don’t worry they are really harmless”.



The resort has a few bars, a buffet restaurant (open for all meals), and two specialty restaurants.  I’ve tried them all and my favorite is the seafood restaurant by the beach.  The sea bass is quite tasty.  I think my favorite dish.  You can also get an ice cone or smoothie near the main pool made with fresh fruit.  So refreshing on a hot day.  If you are looking for Wi-Fi the main entrance lobby has the best area to connect and it’s free.


Towel Animals

The rooms are comfortable and should you need anything more, I suggest you leave a little note with a small tip for your maid.  Of course you may want to write this in Spanish as most have a limited understanding of the English.  I’ve been here four times with my family members and friends and have yet to come back to my room and have a towel animal waiting for me on my bed.


More towel animals on the other bed


The main pool has music, water exercises and events to participate in during the day, but if you are looking for a little quieter spot the pool by the 3rd building is good.  Note to self it also has a bar in case you get thirsty.


A view from our balcony

If you are looking for some shade to get out of the hot sun try the pool just left of the main lobby.

Video from the restaurant

The resort usually has locals staying here so you should take the opportunity to learn a little Spanish and maybe make a few friends while you visit.

Just to share a little secret between us, the hotel won’t tell you but the best tours are not with the resort tour desk.  While you will come across many tour operators wishing to sell you a “fabulous tour” on the beach I advise this with caution.


Dimas from Tratursa

Good news!!!  You can pre-arrange your airport transportation and day tours with Dimas who owns his own company.  When not on tour you can usually find him located on the beach by the pier.  He’ll have a table with Transfers and tours displays.   If you don’t see him NO WORRIES you can always send him an email or call.  Not to brag but you will get the best price & tour, and come away with a new friend.  Check out his site if you want to connect with him or you can always contact us.

Pura Vida!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!

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