Macaws – Where to find them in Costa Rica

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Macaws – Where to find them in Costa Rica

You might wonder where is the best places to see the Scarlet Macaws when you are visiting Costa Rica.   They are found mainly now on the Pacific side of the Country and more to the southern part of the Osa Peninnsula.

Carara National Park  does have some but you need to be there early in the morning as they take their afternoon fly to the ocean.

We’ve been lucky to see them in the distance from our boat tour on the Tarcoles River, but still not close enough for that birds eye view or photo.   A few years ago we were at the beach in Tarcoles and 2 macaws happened to be up in the trees.   My camera back then was no so good.  I missed the photo of a lifetime as one soared right in front of me.  Almost daring me to take his photograph.  No luck on my end of course.  With a more professional camera I probably would have had that  National Geographic shot.

Below is a video by [Michael Cranford] about the wildlife birds here.

As we travelled to Canas up the north end of the country in the province of Guanacaste their is a local restaurant which has mango trees just behind it.  My partner (tour guide) was able to take us on this magnificent trip to see them.  I didn’t bring my camera from the van at first as I thought it was just one of our usual washroom breaks.  Should have known better he always knows the best places to see animals in the wild here in Costa Rica.  As soon as I heard their sound I knew, ran back to get my camera as quickly as possible.  You never know with wildlife how much time you have to capture that amazing photograph and embed that unforgettable experience in your mind.



Only about 3 feet away from where I am standing.

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Every time I come to Costa Rica I’m have new stories, photos & videos to share.  Everyday is a new adventure for me here to discover something new.  We encourage you to share your travel stories with us.

Until next time.  Pura Vida!


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