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What’s Popular in Travel Trends For 2017

2017 is going to be an exciting year!   The world is ever changing from mobile devices and their technology helping make travel easier and faster at a touch of our finger tips, to drones entering our air space, to an increase in river cruises for Baby Boomers.   It also happens to be the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism”.  The industry is pushing towards reducing carbon emissions which makes it better for our environment and our health.  As you search for new experiences, explore activities in destination you may want to follow some of these trends or make your own trend.  We’ve put together some ideas that will help to inspire you to travel in 2017.

Green is still in

People are thinking more about our environment, the waste we produce, and hotels and restaurants that are eco -friendly.  A trend in travel to countries that support the local economy is on the rise.  Reducing carbon emissions & keeping our country green is very important for ourselves as well as the wildlife we enjoying seeing on our travels.  You can spend time at the beach in luxury or be surrounded by trees like the Bulba Bulba in Playa Grande.

The vegetation at the Rio Celeste Hideaway [photo – Laurie Johnson]

Travel Apps

In today’s modern world most people have cell phones.  Apps are a quick & easy way to access information you use a lot.  There are many apps on the market for smartphones & tablets for easy access to on-line check in, flight status to booking a hotel.  Some keep your itinerary information like Tripit, others will help you translate a foreign language such as Google Translate.  I love using Tripit as it builds your itinerary from your emails.

Travel Tip:  My apps are organized in folders on my iphone & tablet.  One folder has all my airline apps, another for language, one for social media, banking, and of course emails if you have more than one account.  I love using the language ones to practice my Spanish lesson in the morning.  They say if you don’t use it you lose it.  So true!  The Google Translate has a camera feature so you can scan over menus at restaurants or use the microphone to understand a conversation with someone.

If you happen to get lost pull up Google maps or use the Waze app which I use to help find specific places of interest.  You can also map out your direction when travelling from airports to hotels or those have to see sights.  As long as you have data or internet you can access a lot of these.  Some you can download prior to use and access off line.  In Costa Rica we use the Waze app for communication.  You can text, send pictures or use voice to record and send your messages.

Drones are becoming very popular now.   I find Travel bloggers taking some amazing aerial pictures and videos from up above otherwise not seen except my airplane or helicopter.  I actually got to see one in action recently with a quick lesson on flying these new inventions.  Pretty cool!  Drones are available to buy in many stores like Best Buy at different price points.  During my short interview I learned they can also crash easily.  Check for regulations in countries before using them.  Certain areas are of limits like airports.

Drones take some amazing photos of landscapes [photo – pixaby]

Health & Well-being

Travelers are looking for holidays to help balance their hectic world.  People are prioritizing their vacations to include healthy choices in accommodations which include relaxation, meditation, wellness workshops, and promote better lifestyle.  Lots of wellness resorts & spa have excellent activities such as yoga or surfing.  Who wouldn’t love to practice yoga in the middle of a tropical forest with the birds singing.  I certainly would!  You can also include a daily hike to your routine.  Fresh air, nice scenery, and best of all it’s free.

Friendly & Helpful Staff

Have you ever been to the reception desk at a resort and found the staff rude or not wanting to give you the time of day.  It happens customer service isn’t always the great experience it use to be.  Read through Tripadvisor reviews on hotels and you’ll see many comments about the staff.  People seem to expect other countries to speak or understand English.  This can sure put a damper on your vacation especially if there is a language barrier and you have problems with your accommodations.  Remember you are in their country, be polite.  People today also want to interact with others & build relationships on their holidays.  Perhaps even making a new friend or two.

  • bar tenders remembering your face with a warm greeting when you arrive.
  • making friends with people from other countries
  • take a tour recommended by your travel agent or resort

Tours & Activities

Tours & activities are very important whether you travel off your resort or participate in activities held right on the premises.  They rank lower than hotels and flights in the budget but can certainly add a unique experience to your vacation.  When you hear people talking about their vacation it’s not so much about the resort but the great and memorable experience they had on a tour.  Perhaps they saw sea turtles for the first time laying eggs on the beach, had a cooking lesson in the home of a local making tamales or a thrill of a lifetime swimming with dolphins.  These are the things that give you bragging rights with your friends & family.  This truly sets this vacation experience apart from the average everyday head to the beach and get a sun tan.  Vacations are for making memories that last a lifetime.


Tour guide explaining the vegetation [photo – Laurie Johnson]

River Cruising on the rise

CLIA or Cruise Line International Association reports that 18 new river cruise ships were added in 2016.  River cruise experience includes most shore excursions.  The maximum number of passengers is around 195 making this a more intimate experience.  Taking a river cruise through Europe is a great way to explore the country.  Many castles will be right at the edge, perfect for photographing.  The small cruise vessels can stop in port right in the city giving you quick access to local markets and popular attractions.  If you love cruising and have more time, this is a wonderful opportunity for the Baby Boomer generation.

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