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What’s Your Travel Style?

What’s your travel style?    Everyone has certain styles when travelling.  Some fit into more than one category.   Determine your travel style & personality that best fits you as a traveler before choosing a destination.  To help you sort out which type of traveler you might be we’ve given some samples of travel styles to follow.

Romance Seeker

[photo – Exclusively Malta]

Do you read a lot of romance novels and dream of faraway exotic beaches?  Having a romantic dinner with your loved one in the middle of a wine vineyard in France or Malta or perhaps an old fashion carriage ride.  I can tell you I’ve always dreamed of taking a carriage ride down the street with my significant other or filling a picnic basket with fresh fruit, wine, and cheese while relaxing under a palm tree.  If you like snow maybe a romantic sleight ride is for you.   Look for quieter more intimate places with special touches that have couples massages at resorts or offer dinner on the beach.

Places for romantic getaways: Paris, Italy, Fiji

1St time Traveler

We’ve all started at this point taking our very first flight to a far off destination.  Have the  jitters about flying?  Perhaps your nervous about travelling to a country that doesn’t speak English.  Don’t worry!  Look for trips with shorter flights to get your feet wet.  Try a vacation to Florida.  For some areas like southern Ontario it’s only a few hours in flight time.  You’ll be on the beach in no time and wondered what all the fuss was about.  The more you adventure out of your comfort zone the more chances you’ll have to explore the world we live in.

Places for short vacations: Florida, Niagara Falls

Adventure Seeker

adventure tours [Tratursa]

I think there’s a little adventure & daredevil hiding in all of us.  Imagine yourself zip ling over tree tops, riding the rapids or climbing the tallest mountain.  If you like to travel in small or large groups there are many great tour companies to help design the perfect adventure that fits your desires.

Places for adventure travel: Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador

Historic Traveler

Do you like visiting museums or reading about ancient civilization.  Seek out itineraries with lots of cultural experiences.  Challenge yourself by digging into the local towns.  Most countries will have museums, century old archeological sites, ancient ruins such as Peru or the Mayan in Mexico.  There are many place all over the world to fit the historic traveler’s needs.

Places to travel back in time: Riviera Maya, Peru

Luxury Traveler

Whether it’s upgrading your seats on a long flight to Europe, fine dining at a 5-star resort or hiring private transportation for airports commutes, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little luxury to your vacation.  If you like to have rooms with butler service, Jacuzzi’s on your balcony or a private tour guide you’re probably a luxury traveler.  There’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra on vacation.  You can also rent a private villa and hire a maid and chef to do all that work for you will you relax and enjoy your luxurious vacation.

Places to go for luxury travel: Malta, Maldives, St. Lucia, Aruba, Phuket, Mexico

Culture Seeker

If you don’t like big cities like New York try travelling to smaller towns, meeting locals, and shopping at local markets.  Take a tour were you have dinner and learn to cook in a farmhouse from local residence.  This is where you truly have a unique experience to see what the culture is like in another country.  Taste the local wine, learn how to pick coffee beans and indulge yourself.  A real culture seeker won’t be found sitting at the bar of a resort day after day.  Most people today like to learn a little about the country they are going to visit.

Places to go for cultural experiences: Peru, Malta

Wellness Traveler

Wellness spas are becoming so popular in many countries.  Couples as well as friends or groups are looking for a relaxing feel of a spa or a yoga retreat in the middle of the rainforest.  Lives are so busy these days people are becoming more health conscience of what they are eating as well as exercise.  Many resorts combine healthy menus with activities such as yoga, meditation or surfing.  Girlfriends like to plan getaway weekends where they pamper themselves with luxurious spa treatments and massages.

Places to go for wellness travel: United States, St. Lucia, Mexico, Costa Rica

Backpack Traveler

[photo pixabay]

If money is a little tight and you don’t mind sharing space in hostels than you might be a backpack traveler.  Off season is usually a great time to pick up deals and flights.  A lot of young people love exploring new countries or taking a summer and hitting up many countries.   You can pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere or set up camp by a riverbed.  Backpacking is a great way to get out and see the world, surround yourself with nature as well as meet new people along the way.

Places to backpack: Nepal, Chili, Australia, Thailand, Peru, Ireland, Greece, New Zealand, Argentina

Solo Traveler

[photo pixabay]

Solo travelling doesn’t have to feel lonely.  Many people set out on vacation by themselves and travel all over the world.  Staying in hostels, couch surfing, or backpacking through many countries is a great way to meet new people.  Not everybody likes or has people to travel with on vacation.  Solo travelers like to travel without the influence from others and it’s a great way to discovery yourself.  Many countries around the world have single supplements making in more affordable today.  Always look for countries that are safe for solo travelers.  Seniors that are widowed, singles that are divorced can join group or bus tours giving them a little more comfort.

Places for solo travelers:  England, Scotland, France, Canada

We hope to have inspired you to travel.  To help find a destination that right for you Contact US.

As always our thoughts are our own.

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