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Things To Do In Montreal During The Summer

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Things To Do In Montreal During The Summer

As a jet setter and adventure seeker I’m always up to searching for new experiences. Sometimes we don’t realize adventure & history is only a short distance away. Take for example the city of Montreal located in the province of Quebec has lots of things to do in during the summer months.

I never thought of myself visiting the city before, however I found myself traveling here for an event & ship inspection. As I talked with others I find out people don’t get to see many parts of their own country. Me included! I booked myself a flight to maximize my time in Montreal so I could see as much as possible in this jam-packed weekend adventure. Need a little inspiration? Here is my helpful guide on things to do in Montreal during the summer.

Interesting Facts About Montreal

  • roads always seem to be under constructions
  • great Metro system for taking the bus
  • there’s a cruise port on the St. Lawrence River
  • Montreal is an island
  • popular spot for music & food

Must Know Tips for Montreal

I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. People were very friendly & I didn’t find a language barrier at all between French & English- speaking people like I did in France. I guess I just assumed it would be tough not speaking the French language.

Of course, just spending a weekend is much different than actually living there. I do try to learn a few words for the destination I travel to. If you plan on visiting Quebec City you will definitely want to learn a little French before you go at least the basics.

Best Time to Visit Montreal

Summer time if the most popular time to visit Montreal especially in July & August. You’ll find the streets filled with people enjoying the outdoor patios and festivals.

During this time, a few of the streets are closed to vehicles so tourists & locals call fully enjoy all the outdoor entertainment. This summer there was live music playing in a local park, a James Bond impersonator entertaining the crowd with his balloon swallowing as well as other events throughout the city.

street vendors in Montreal

Best things to do in Montreal

Try the smoked meat

There’s no secret about myself loving great food. I like almost everything including pasta, fish, and delicious pastries. Sweet tooth, you bet! Got that one from my grandmother who always had a jar full of candy when we came to visit. Obviously if you’ve ever heard of Montreal smoked meat this should be high on your list of must tries.

Montreal restaurant

Crepes are another delicious food that can be a meal or a dessert. I stopped at a small local café when I was lured by the crepes sign out front. I ordered the crepes with maple syrup. Very delicious I might add. The owner was very friendly as we talked about this being my first trip to Montreal.

crepes in Montreal

Exploring the City

Our bus tour was guided by Stacey and energetic person filled with passion for her city. She amazed me with her passion for food & described every deli making you savor for Montreal smoked meat.  Seriously you could just picture her savoring every delicious bit.

It rained heavily on part of our tour so I was thankful to be in a covered bus with my camera equipment safely protected from the elements. We looked out our window to see many students soaked standing at bus stops. It didn’t really seem to bother them at all.

The afternoon left us finally to explore the city on our own. I broke away from the group to enjoy the rest of the day venturing in & out of streets to find the hidden treasures of Montreal.

If you love a city with history.   Montreal will have plenty from museums, historical churches, many streets still lined with brick walkways & houses with balconies or wrought iron stairway then you’ll love it here.   Especially the Old Town.  This is always my favorite part of cities.

Montreal square

One of my favorite things to do in Montreal is visit the beautiful churches. This city certainly has many. 2 churches were so spectacular from the inside & out. Notre Dame de Bon Secours Chapel & Church Marie Reine du Monde.

A tour inside Notre Dame was free unless you decided to go through the museum and up to the lookout tower which cost $5. The church inside was truly breathtaking. This church happens to be the oldest in Montreal truly amazing and well kept. Although I didn’t have the time to spend in the tower I’m sure it was worth the money just for the spectacular view itself. The Church Marie Reine du Monde is located across from the newly renovated Fairmont Queen Elizabeth. This one was beautiful from every angle.

Along the waterway and close to the pier you’ll find a welcoming park of lush green surrounding a pool of water. To the right of the pier is an adventure park for kids complete with a zip line and pirate ship.

chateau ram

During the summer months, some of the streets are blocked off for pedestrians leaving you to wander about the shops and restaurants. Everywhere you look is interesting architect on building, restaurants with outdoor patios, and plenty of unique shops for browsing.

A festival drew a large crowd of people which I really wanted no part of simply I prefer less crowded & noisy areas. I did come across a park area where I could her James Bond music planning. Intrigued I stop and watch the impressionist or magician swallow a balloon then begin to gather members of the audience to dance with him.

In some of the main center parks you’ll find entertainment set up with displays of art from local artisans as well as entertainment of music. These areas are more crowded so I tend to stay away from this. Just my personal choice.

montreal cruise port

This sort of reminded me of the time I was in New York City. I was so bored shopping I went to find entertainment in the street just like this. The entertainer there was trying to fit his whole body inside a box. Amazing he actually did it. This guy swallowed the balloon and we never saw it again. Magic, you think?

I sundered my way back to my apartment however as I neared my street of St. Hubert the crepes sign caught the corner of my eye of a small local café. Stepping inside was a great decision. This small establishment was inviting and friendly. I had a great conversation with the owner about how a family member loved to visit Costa Rica which is dear to my heart, and how he visited frequently. My experience at this stop was relaxing & friendly. I had the best time while relaxing my feet and catching up on my emails.

The city of Montreal has been a great experience for me as a first-time visitor and I must say more welcoming that Paris in France. Although beautiful and iconic I found people to be a little snooty.

I looked forward to our next day of a ship inspection aboard the Holland Maasadam. Read more about our ship inspection.

Go Shopping

If you love shopping you’ll love Montreal. There is certainly lots of treasure to explore as you stroll through the streets. There’s plenty of unique shops at every turn of a corner and name brands too!

Shopping Mall

  • Centre Eaton de Montreal
  • Promenades Cathedrale
  • Complexe Desjardins
  • You can latterly shop til you drop. Montreal is a thriving city of fashion even dating back to the day of fur & leather trade. Look to Rue Sherbrook & RIU Crescent for antiques and upscale boutique stores. I personally love to window shop. Each store seemed to have something funky and different. If the stores on the street weren’t enough can you believe there’s an underground of over 1500 more down below. That’s mad! Every shopaholics dream.
james bond impersonator

Getting to Montreal

It takes about an hour flight time between Toronto and Montreal. If you have a little more time (about 5 hours) there are plenty of trains available for a reasonable cost. See train schedule here or bus schedule. I certainly would have considered the train but my schedule was a little short on time. You can also drive (about 8 hours depending on how many stops & speed).

Where to Stay in Montreal

There are lots of places to stay in Montreal. We suggest booking your hotel early if you are planning to go during the busy summer months. The hotels will be fully booked late August when all the college students are going back to school with parents looking to get everybody settled in. There are plenty of hotels large & small.

I stayed in the Old Montreal district spending 3 nights at the Hotel Elegance. It’s a small building which was a few blocks up from the St Lawrence River. I found it to be nice and quiet away from all the festival street noise. Taxis were a flat rate of $40 each way from the airport to the hotel.

My room was small on the 2nd floor with a single bed, bathroom, small working/eating table, bar frig to store some snacks or cold drinks, free wifi, and a tv on the wall. The building had an elevator. The hotel served a continental breakfast in the morning starting at 8 am with coffee, tea, fresh croissants and muffins. The front desk staff were wonderful at arranging all my taxis to get from point A to B for meetings.

My classes were at another hotel about 10 minutes away by taxi. The Alt Hotel here had a nice front lobby, meeting room on the 7th floor with great views of the city. I was really lucky to have a tour with our group of the newly remodeled Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel. This building is stunning. Read more about the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth here.

hotel room montreal
church old town Montreal

Our Thoughts

I like that there wasn’t a lot of large name brand stores. Everyone had their specialty and unique crafts which makes Montreal a great place on visit. In Old Montreal, it was interesting to see horse & buggy rides being offers to tourists just like in the old days. Some streets were covered in brick stones and narrower than others so those who like to wear high heels may want to bring flats.

Have you been to Montreal? Tell us what you did on your adventures in the comments below.

Notre Dam church Montreal
 soldiers at chateau ramezay

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