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Getting Ready For The Holidays

Stumped about what to get the traveler in your life? Try these ideas!

When it comes time to buy a travel-loving friend a gift, it’s easy to feel stuck on what to get. Journals are great — but not all travelers are journalists, and those that are often have at least a few blank ones on hand. Here are unique takes on classic ideas for the various kinds of travelers in your life.

For the foodie: send delicious global flavors right to their doorstep. Try The World partners with top chefs from Argentina to Morocco and assembles gorgeous boxes filled with curated delicacies from each country. Delivered every other month, each box contains descriptions for how to use the tasty and exotic flavors in your own recipes.

For the well-accessorized: customize a favorite map to make cufflinks, bracelet, or pendant. Have a special place you want to commemorate? Maybe the place of a first date, or a favorite childhood destination? This can be a beautiful and deeply personal way to show your traveler that you know what matters to them most.

For the crafty commemorator: check out this simple, beautiful way to re-trace steps and wonderful memories with a map and thread. The maps can be titled, as well. Imagine a wall decorated with these minimalist representations of adventures!

For the traveler who has everything and wants to give back: Why not make a donation to a favorite cause in your traveler’s name? You can choose organizations that support environmental stewardship, advocate for people in crisis, promote education, or help bring beauty.

For the traveler who’s always up for adventure: I’ve written before about how experiences pack the biggest punch, happiness-wise. At Experience Days, you can give the gift of a lifelong great memory to someone you care about. Try everything from hang gliding to art lessons throughout the United States. What a great surprise for honeymooners or a friend’s next big adventure!

For the gadget-junkie: this funky, portable charger is perfect for the tech-savvy traveling family and will help ensure everything stays running smoothly.  For the hard-core gadget-junkie, what about these stylish vests, hoodies, and jackets with interior pockets (for men and women) to hold everything from smartphones to keys to water bottles?

For the photographer: If your friend is never without her smartphone or camera, why not make it easy for her to create beautiful, lasting photo albums, calendars, or prints of her best shots? At Artifact Uprising, she can connect directly with her Instagram account and assemble her most gorgeous memories.


Holiday Tips

Shopping early sure has its benefits. I’ve arrived back in Canada during one of the busiest seasons of the year. Yikes Christmas is almost here! Here is a few of our holiday tips:

  • The malls parking lots are crowded already. Give yourself lots of time and don’t over schedule yourself during the holidays.
  • I find the best way to stay focused and on budget is to make a list.
  • Trying to make every party may not be feasible
  • January and February are generally dull months of the year so this could be a great opportunity to defer Christmas get together until then.
  • Think sensible. gifts purchased without thought might just be re-gifted or donated.
  • Donate to a charity for someone in need. This is a great idea for that person on your list who has everything.
  • Have some spare time? Volunteering can be so rewarding to you and especially meaning to less fortunate people.
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About the Author:

Laurie Johnson is travel writer, agent, and founder of Pura Vida Vacations. She finds her inspirations from travelling of the beaten path, meeting the locals, and sharing her travel stories, reviews, and tips with her readers.

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