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Celebrity Cruise Ship Inspection: The Equinox

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Island time does mean more with the Celebrity Equinox.   You can choose a sailing in the Eastern, Southern or Western Caribbean as well as the Bahamas for a short 3-day cruise.  Docked in the port of Miami I had the pleasure of enjoying my first ship inspection on the Celebrity Cruise Line’s Equinox.   I can only imagine a future sailing in the Western Caribbean in my near future.  This cruise line caters to seniors and baby boomers.

Today was my chance to see why my family members loved it so much and share our onboard experience with you.

celebrity equinox

Celebrity Cruise Ship

About the Equinox

The Equinox ship was built in Germany.  It’s not one of the huge ships that you find yourself lost in.  In fact, I found it just right for my comfort level.  In total the ship houses 2850 guests and crew members.  The Equinox was first launched in 2009.   The ship cruises at 24 kts (knots) offering a comfortable ride out on the ocean.   There are 16 decks onboard the ship so if you want a perfect view head to the upper decks as you arrive in different destination ports.

To view the ship deck plans, go here https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-equinox.  Since this ship was built in 2009 it will be due for some updating.

Travel Tip:  Always check for the most updated deck plans.  When ships are refurbished things change.  What was once a pool may now be cabins.


The ship offers suites, aqua class and concierge class.  On decks 6 to 11 you will find most of the common staterooms.  At the back of the ship on different levels is the Sky Suites giving a gorgeous view of the ports as you set sail.  If you sail often you might prefer some added amenities like concierge class on deck 12.

Celebrity cruise ship offers a program you can sign up for to earn points for each sailing you take.  Find out more here https://www.celebritycruises.com/captains-club/tiers-and-benefits.   By booking with your travel agent you can add even more value & amenities to you experience.

room 1630 equinox

Activities on board

You may wonder how you are going to pass the time away on board a cruise ship.  Well this is premium luxury.  You can do as little or as much as you like.  Take in the theatre at the front of the ship or go play golf or better yet pamper yourself in the Canyon Ranch Spa which is open at sea or in port.

Towards the front of the ship is a theatre offering live shows for evening entertainment.  Cruise ships are known for having top entertainment aboard.

Dining Options

The restaurants we viewed are Luminae on deck 3 which looked quite elegant having gorgeous crystal chandeliers, Gastro a more rustic looking bar with a lot of wood décor & Martini bar both on deck 4.   We stopped for lunch in the Silhouette restaurant on deck 3 and 4.

We had about 20 minutes to kill so I took the opportunity to speak with a staff member.  His homeland is in the Philippine’s.  He was such a lovely person to speak with I wish I could remember his name.

I asked him about life on board for the crew members.  What it was like to spend most of his time on a Celebrity cruise ship.   How many hours they worked per day.  He was only too happy to reply with lots of information.  He chose to work 10 hours days but broken up during the afternoon.  They are supplied with uniforms for which they co-ordinate to where they are working.  Shoes they must purchase themselves, however they receive nice accommodations which they can chose to be in a room by themselves or with another person.  Laundry is also provided on board for the crew members.  In all he really loved working for Celebrity Cruise Lines and gets to spend 4 months with his family back home.

This made me feel good because it’s important for a cruise line to not only take care of guests but the crew.  A happy crew makes for happy guests.  I could tell how friendly they were by their genuine smiles and singing at the tables.

Deck 5 has 2 restaurants Sushi on 5 and Michael’s Club.  Although we didn’t have time to see everything onboard I’m sure these restaurants are just as nice.

Lunch in the Silhouette Restaurant

As agents we had a large group to accommodate so we were lucky to have our own section to sit.  The restaurant was very bright and elegant.  I chose a window seat for a view of the water.  The club chairs were very comfortable to sit and enjoy the view while dining.  Chandeliers are throughout the ship made of Swarovski Crystals added to the glamor.  We started with a glass of wine and an appetizer.  I chose the Caesar salad today just to mix things up.  For the main entre I ordered penne pasta and dessert was apple pie.  All was very delicious.

On our tables was a small sign to tell you the waiter staff names making it more personal.  The staff were so friendly and attentive to our needs.  The singing waiter was my favorite.  It’s nice to see people enjoying what they do!

Travel tip:  Don’t forget if you like a particular dish or wish to have more just ask your waiter staff they would be more than willing to supply it.

All the decks have this locator, so you can easily find where you want to go next.  If you still need help just ask the friendly staff.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget where you are on the ship.

Booking shore excursions

There is a desk for your convenience to book your shore excursions.  Popular excursion will book up quickly, so it’s advised to book these right after choosing your cruise.  The cruise excursions are always guaranteed to return to ship on time.  These excursions travel on a larger bus so if you are looking for a smaller intimate tour perhaps a local tour operator might be a better option for you.  You can read more about  cruise tips.

Our thoughts

I really enjoyed the ship and staff onboard.  Everyone worked so hard, were very friendly and happy to help you.  I look forward to booking clients on their ships because I know they will be very pleased and taken care of.  It’s important to have a standard that people come to expect, and Celebrity Cruise line does live up to this.

Our meals were complimentary from Celebrity Cruise Line.  This is all part of learning as travel agents about our providers products, so we can help clients make the right choices for them.

As always our opinions are our own.

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Laurie Johnson is travel writer, agent, and founder of Pura Vida Vacations. She finds her inspirations from travelling of the beaten path, meeting the locals, and sharing her travel stories, reviews, and tips with her readers.

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