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How Solo Travel Can Help Mend A Broken Heart

Breakups between couples can be devastating.  Whether it’s your first or you’ve been through a few, it’s hard to gain back your confidence and move on in life.  We all have challenges and face problems in different ways.  This is where you might find it refreshing to take a solo trip and rediscover yourself.

—–Here’s How Solo Travel Can Help Mend A Broken Heart—–

Build your confidence & independence

One thing I find you lose is your self-confidence.  If you did everything together and now find it hard to be on your own perhaps taking a solo trip or joining a group may help build up your confidence.  By taking a trip it gets you out of your familiar surrounds you may have shared as a couple.  You can take your mind of looking at your phone waiting for a text message or obsessing over Facebook and Instagram photos of the two of you.

Restore your confidence & independence can be difficult.  You may think you’ll never find another person like them or perhaps you believe your just not good enough because they let you think it was you that had the problem.  As relationships dwindle we may or may not see it coming.  We could be totally blindsided by another person entering into the picture.

If you take a well needed break to heel over time things will get easier.  In other countries nobody knows you or the troubles you’ve had unless you tell them.  Solo traveling gives you a great opportunity to meet others and focus on something else besides your problems.

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Meet new people

As a solo traveler stop in at a local café or restaurant to perhaps do some people watching.  That’s always fun to see what people are wearing or what they are eating.  Perhaps you can strike a conversation with someone at another table.  If you’re younger you may want to stay at a hostel.  Here you are assured to meet new people while you use common facilities.

If you have a close friend they may be able to take some time off and travel with you.

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Connect with friends

You can always stay in touch with friends even if you decide to do some solo traveling.  Having the use of Wi-Fi in hotels or restaurants you can connect over many options such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype.

Close friends are a great resource to help you through your break up.  They always make you laugh & cry but it’s good to get your feelings out.  A good friend will stay on the phone for hours if you need them.  It doesn’t matter how far away you are.

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Learn a new skill

If you’re traveling it’s great to learn a new skill.  You can learn how to cook local meals with a bunch of girls.  Perhaps you can learn to speak a new language.  Many countries have schools so you can learn from others.  Sometimes they offer a room as well as learning classes.  Maybe you already know another language and might find it useful to teach overseas.  Why not?  You can earn some money and restore your life all at the same time.

Sometimes a new environment will help get you on track.  If we are out of our comfort zone we have to adapt to changes building our confidence back up.  When we think of how many times we were told our hair is too short or we need to gain some weight so that our partner would be satisfied with us.  Think about it?  Is it really us that has the problem or them.  Somewhere down the road, they may never find what they want because it doesn’t exist.  Why because they put up too many roadblocks to build an honest & healthy relationship.

With learning a new skill you may find the dream job you’ve always been looking for.  You should never feel too old to try something new as this is how solo travel can help mend your broken heart.

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You can travel anywhere your money and heart take you.  Once you’ve restored the balance in your life you may be open to a new relationship.  One better than you had before.  One you deserve.

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