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Fun Things To Do At Diamante Eco Adventure Park

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Costa Rica is a country filled with many adventure activities making it hard to choose which ones to pick. Zip lining is one of the reasons people come to visit the country. If this is a must-do activity on your bucket list you need to go with companies that offer the best experience and safety.

About Diamante Park

At Diamante Eco Adventure Park it’s easy to spend a whole day here because there are so many activities all at this location. The park is relatively new and located in the Guanacaste area 15 minutes from the RIU Palace & RIU Guanacaste resorts.

The Superman zip line offers outstanding ocean views with a dual-ride of one mile long. In addition to this exciting activity, Diamante also has an animal sanctuary, ATV tour, horseback riding, and water activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, and snorkeling.

Things to do

Diamante Park has so much fun things to do for a family. I did the adventure pass as a solo traveler. The canopy tour feels quite effortless with a self-braking system in place, as all you have to do is hold on to the handles provided and enjoy the ride.

I recommend getting the adventure pass as it offers great value for the money. Included is the zip line, bungee jump, hanging bridge over the crocodiles, animal sanctuary, beach activities, botanical gardens, and a typical Costa Rican buffet lunch.

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Zip line

Diamante provides lockers for you to store any valuables at the main building. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes that have straps to secure to your feet. If you want to bring your phone for photos I recommend wearing pants or shorts with pockets that zip or close so nothing falls out along the tour.

The first cable is not too long and starts at the main building. This builds to excitement and thrill that’s to come. From here you will climb into the back of a truck and travel up the mountain top. Here is where you will have spectacular views of the ocean and below is both the RIU properties.

Staff will attach a large cover that wraps around the main part of your body. 2 cables hold you up suspended in the air. One will be holding your body and the other is over your feet. The nice thing about this is it’s effortless giving you the perfect opportunity to just enjoy the view. If you brought a GoPro, this would be great to attach to a helmet to record your experience.

2 cables are side by side making it fun for 2 people to go at once. This is the only zip line in the country that has this capability so far.

From here it’s a bungee jump (secured cable of course) from the platform to the ground. If you purchased the adventure pass than you have one more short cable ride to the hanging bridge over the crocodiles. If not then your aerial pass will end here.

Crossing the hanging bridge over the crocodiles is very safe as a cable hook glides along the steel cable as you walk. Here is a great spot to take some photos of the crocs below.

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Animal Sanctuary

keel-billed toucan
[keel billed toucan]

The animal sanctuary is one of the largest in the country and partners with the La Paz Gardens. It’s not necessary to have a guide as the sanctuary is easily walkable but if you really want insight to learn more about the animals I would recommend it.

By having a guide I learned so much more. It was fun to see the 3 species of toucans here, the capuchin & spider monkeys, as well as the 2 types of sloths.

Lucy the sloth was a little hard to photograph as she was sleeping in the tree. Surprise, surprise! This is common because sloths sleep for about 20 hours a day. They do have daily feeding times for her if you would like to watch.

The Jaguars are such beautiful animals. Apparently, they have the 4th strongest jaws of animals that can carry its pray up a tree. Wow! That’s strong.

The butterfly observatory is very interesting especially if you have kids. Morning is the best time to come to see them flying around. Butterflies love to feed on the fruit that is provided by the staff. There are so many varieties to see including the blue morphos.

mexican frog-diamante eco park
[Mexican frog]

Next to this area is a reptile and frog section. Frogs love to hide in the plant leaves so carefully look inside the plant or check out underneath a leaf. The red-eyed frogs disguise themselves very well on the leaves. The reptile area will give you a visual of just how many poisonous snakes are in the country.

Botanical Gardens

In the botanical gardens, you can walk along the path viewing many different types of trees that are planted here. As I was walking along in the herb garden section a colorful green lizard crossed my path.


tico house-diamante adventure park

The replica made of wood shows how a typical house would look like from a hundred years ago. In the house is samples of coffee beans and cacao.

Diamante offers a hands-on experience here is where you can make your own hot chocolate from the cacao and taste the delicious sweet sugar cane that is squished through a cranking device.

The juice from the sugar cane is then used to produce sugar blocks for baking.

Water Activities

Down by the beach is where all the water activities are located. Spend the rest of your afternoon relaxing on the beach or try your luck standing on a paddleboard, snorkel to spot different fish or kayak in the ocean waves.


The guides with give instructions for safety and how to use an ATV before you head out on the trails. Then it’s off for a exhilerating ride on the trails throughout the property. Children 8 years or older can ride with an adult while teens over the age of 16 can drive their own ATV.

Tour pass

Adventure Pass – includes zip line, animal sanctuary, ocean activities, botanical garden, lunch, minimum wt 85 lbs. maximum 280 lbs.

Animal Sanctuary Discovery Pass – includes butterfly observatory, various animals & birds

Superman Zip Line Aerial Pass – bilingual guides, quick jump, superman,
minimum wt 85 lbs. maxium 280 lbs.

Cultural Experience Tour – animal sanctuary, educational opportunity to learn about coffee, sugar cane, and cacao.

Horseback Riding Tour – 1 hour, professional guides, minimum age 8 years

Our thoughts

I had such a blast at Diamante Eco Adventure Park with the staff. The park provides a free shuttle service to the RIU hotels during the day. The driver picks you up right out front of the building making it super easy to visit the park.

I suggest arriving early morning to take advantage of all the activities. You can walk around the park yourself as I did or take the shuttle provided to each location in the park.

Make sure to pack your bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, bug spray, and shoes that don’t slip of your feet (no flip flops).

Diamante has a photographer who takes excellent photos so you can always purchase these in the main building. They did some amazing photos for me along the tour.

Thank you to Diamante for having me & making me feel so welcome.

diamante eco adventure park

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