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How To Live An Inspiring Life While Traveling

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We all love to travel but traveling with a purpose to inspire others to be the best they can is even better. By being kind to those who share our space, courageous in pushing past our limits, and envisioning the possibilities we can inspire others to live an inspiring life while traveling.

—Here are just a few ways to inspire others in their journey—

Leave your ego at home

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Have you ever people watched when on vacation? I remember waiting in line at a resort to ask questions to one of the reservation staff members. As my turn approached a man proceeded to bud in front of me.

I thought to myself how rude. Who does he think he is? He’s really of no importance. Just a person like you and me. By leaving your ego at home you’ll definitely earn the respect of others and not be the negative talk of the resort for years to come.

Be mindful of the people around you when in line at the buffet counter. I hear so many complains from other travelers about people pushing in front of them in food lines. Do you think the resort is going to run out of food?

Perhaps you might enjoy a sit-down meal at one of the al-a-carte restaurants or go to the buffet restaurants at odd times when it’s less crowded.

Are you one of those people who get up super early to race down to the pool flopping down your towel to secure a lounger for the day? Some resorts actually have a policy in place so it’s fair for all guests.

Authentic self

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People want more out of their vacations going to less traveled destinations, eating in local restaurants, not the trendy ones, and broadening their curiosity for adventure. Stepping into your authentic self versus a tourist approach will win you friends in new places.

The more you step outside your comfort zone the more opportunities will present itself. Throw caution to the wind, dream big and explore more.

Making friends isn’t always easy but engaging with others can enhance your trip in one way or another. I’m always impressed by how my mother-in-law meets so many new people on vacations. Some of these people she is still in touch with today.

Literally, I think she talks to just about anyone. Leave her alone for a few minutes and she’ll have you hooked up with a date in no time. She just puts herself out there. What’s not to like about someone who is being their authentic self?

Be persistent

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When we dream we should shoot for the stars. Go big or go home! Well, I wouldn’t want to go home. It’s a journey through life with persistence and determination.

I’m always looking for ways to inspire people to travel outside their comfort zone. If it doesn’t scare you just a little your dream isn’t big enough.

Traveling solo can build up your confidence. You don’t have anyone else to depend on, just you. This can be scary sometimes.

What if you take a wrong turn on the road? Pull over in a safe location to recheck your map or ask for directions.

I took a road trip once with my kids and missed a road sign which took us 3 hours out of our way. This was back before we had GPS just good old fashion maps.

I drove in the dark with tired eyes passing many deer at the roadside to get to our next hotel. If I hadn’t pre-booked I would have canceled and stayed somewhere closer to pick up the next day but with persistence we made it.

These trips built up my confidence that I could go anywhere in the world. In fact, I could even take trips by myself. I could eat in restaurants, sleep in hotels, and arrange tours for just me.

Less is more

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Most of us have more than we think we do. We take for granted having a car to drive from one place to another. We have food on the table and a job that provides us with comforts in life.

What we don’t realize is what it’s like for other countries to survive. When we travel we see this first hand in third-world countries such as Africa, Haiti, and Nicaragua. People walk for miles to get to schools or ride the local bus if they have enough for the fare.

If you’ve taken the bus like the locals you’ll know what I mean and learning to appreciate having the convenience of a car to take you from point A to B in 30 minutes versus hours with many stops along the way. No air-conditioning just the open windows which let in the warm breeze.

By taking the time to see some of the local cities that are off the beaten path, the ones where the locals live you’ll see a whole other world. Some still have dirt floors that become muddy when it rains, others cook with open wooden fires, and rooms can be overcrowded with everyone in the family.

Wanting more in life is not a bad thing but wanting it just because does not bring us happiness.


waterfalls-costa rica

When planning a trip we imagine the major things that are important to us. From choosing our seats on a plane (do we want a window seat to gaze out at the clouds & islands below) to our room at the resort (do we have a perfect view of the ocean or is it blocked with trees or worse another building) to what types of foods will be served (typical salads, fruits, and meat dishes) or do they go out of their way to impress with perfectly presented plates that not only look good but are mouth-watering delicious.

Have you ever imagined a place to have turquoise water, pure white sandy beaches, and jaw-dropping mountain views only to discover most of the beaches are volcanic, less eye-appealing and covered in garbage?

More countries & oceans are being affected by the way we travel. If we take fewer flights or at least nonstop ones we can help reduce the emissions coming from landing and taking off.

Fish in the oceans are decreasing due to overfishing, chemicals from sunscreen are damaging the coral reefs, and water supplies to local towns are depleting during long droughts due to climate change.

By picking up, recycling our garbage, and taking shorter showers we can all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

I find it refreshing to have a cold shower after walking many kilometers to shop for local produce. Would you give up your hot shower for a different experience?

Give back

Traveling is an experience where we gain wisdom and further develop ourselves. Volunteering as a vacation is becoming more and more popular. We can travel to other countries to teach a second language or help plant trees to rebuild forests that have been destroyed by humans.

There are so many opportunities to help build communities with local churches, provide fresh drinking water, and support the locals when we buy their hand-made products instead of imported goods.

Try to find an escorted tour or tour companies that give back to the local communities they visit. Many countries depend on tourism to prosper.

Impact on others

Our positive outlook and smiles can go along way when we treat each other with respect. Have you ever been on a group tour when someone in the group did nothing but complain? This certainly changes the experience you have and effects others in the group.

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Laurie Johnson is travel writer, agent, and founder of Pura Vida Vacations. She finds her inspirations from travelling of the beaten path, meeting the locals, and sharing her travel stories, reviews, and tips with her readers.

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