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Yoga retreats provide a relaxing vacation encounter.  Costa Rica, a Central American country, provides an experience that quiets your mind and frees your body.  It adds adventure into your life with its amazing high-end luxury yoga retreats.

From connecting with nature, surrounding yourself with positive energy, and discovering a new perspective.  These four amazing luxury yoga retreats in Costa Rica can offer that and many more.


relaxation by the beach costa rica

Anamaya in Sanskrit refers to good health. True to its name, it offers a serene and healthy environment.  Located in Montezuma, known for its white beaches and bohemian atmosphere.

Anamaya offers different retreat experiences such as:

Rejuvenation – The retreat offers spa treatment, Watsu therapy, and beach excursions. Perfect opportunity to get out of your head.

Pure Yoga – Create perfect harmony between your mind and body with yoga. Overlooking the Blue Ocean and jungle yoga is a sure way to relax your body, mind, and soul.

Couples Package –  Romantic dining, couple massage, and private rooms are available for couples.

Surfing – Whether you are new to surfing or an avid surfer, there is no better place to surf than Costa Rica. Professional surfing instructors are available that will help guide you.


bodhi tree luxury yoga retreat costa rica

[Photo courtesy:  Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort]

Bodhi Tree Resort, a leisure paradise, allowing you to discover the alluring beauty of Nosara, Costa Rica.  Other than its tranquil jungle and salty oceans, Bodhi Tree Resort offers the following exciting recreational activities: 

Treatments in Spas – Everyone needs calming massages now and then. Get services from deep tissue massage, facials, manicure, waxing, physical therapy among other spa experiences.

Adventure – Go on amazing adventures; Zip-lining, horseback riding, wildlife hike, kayaking.

Yoga – Meditate beside gentle streams overlooking beautiful scenery.

 Wellness Retreat – A wellness retreat helps in exercising, eating healthy, and being happier.


Blue spirit-pool view

[Photo courtesy:  Blue Spirit Costa Rica]

Located in Nosara, Blue Spirit provides a serene environment that allows you to experience spiritual growth.  Its sub-tropical climate, sandy beaches, and ocean create a relaxing environment.

Blue Spirt offers:

Yoga retreats – build strength and harmony in your mind and body.

Meditation retreats – provide a variety of health benefits, including improved concentration and focus and reduced stress levels.

Yoga teacher training – learn yoga anatomy, alignment, key actions, modifications, and hands-on adjustments.

Spa Services – It’s a great way to relax to have spa services.


amatierra yoga retreat costa rica

[Photo courtesy:  Amatierra]

A retreat and wellness spa for your relaxation. Located in San José, Amatierra values creating personalized experiences and high-quality services such as:


Detox – The benefit of detox is the renewed sense of energy it gives you by ridding your body of toxins.

Yoga – A relaxing yoga lessens chronic pain from headaches to back pain.

Bird Watching – It encourages people to get and explore nature.

Meditation – Meditate to increase your energy and lower your stress levels.


Get ready to enjoy lovely tropical beaches, adventures, nature, and culture. Just pack your bags and enjoy the retreats mentioned above. 

For more information on the 4 amazing luxury yoga retreats in Costa Rica, contact us here.