Italy is such a magical place for first-time visitors. Naturally, most travelers visit popular destinations like Rome, Florence, and Venice. But if you want to discover hidden gems in Italy, head to the lesser-known cities. 

 There is no better place to spend a memorable family vacation or have fun with friends than Italian cities. Adventure seekers and history buffs will never get bored here because there is so much to see. Explorers know there are unexpected discoveries in cities such as Florence. If you are eager to discover Italy’s hidden gems, here are seven places you should not miss while in the country.

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visiting the hidden gems in Genova

Genova’s beautiful city offers an unforgettable experience. The city of Genova is in northwest Italy with a spectacular old town and stunning center. Due to the Renaissance Error, Genoa experienced a period of wealth change. Port Antico and the center make up the two areas worth being exploited. Those intending to stay in Genova for a day or two can try the most outstanding Genova Marina.



Italy’s island capital is a beautiful place full of culture that attracts many tourists every year. This destination is full of engaging activities that keep you inspired throughout the vacation. Additionally, we suggest a visit to the pizza Pretoria, the famous spot of shame. Lastly, take a stroll and notice some of the unique sights with amazing panoramic views.


fortress vault

Consider this as a must-place to visit while in Italy. Chocolate lovers find this city attractive because it is famous for the chocolate produced by Perugina.  Also, Perugia is known for its historic walls along the historic center. This nice-looking place has always satisfied the desires of Italian adventurers.

From Rome:  Chocolate Factory, Perugia, and Spoleto Tour



bologa-red city

Italy’s Bologna is the world’s oldest higher education center. Explore the historical capital of northern Italy. One of its connections is Emilia Romagna. Here you can find the best Italian food. Such as meat and pasta. Additionally, hike up to the towers of the iconic Garisenda Cassinelli. One of Milan’s most famous landmarks.


castello-di-miramare-hidden gem in Trieste

Miramare Castle a must-see hidden gem in Italy

Trieste is a fascinating city with a unique culture that is visually captivating. It is part of a peninsula positioned at the gateways of Europe. Then, experience the bora winds that blow along the seashore as you explore the stunning Serbian church.


umbria main square
umbria old city

Lastly, stop by Umbria, which borders Lazio, Le Marche, and Tuscany. Wine lovers will appreciate this destination with a sparse population. Learn about Italian agriculture in its green heart as it produces excellent local wine. Enjoy a glass of wine while browsing a book on Italian wine and finding additional hidden gems.

Summer is the best time to explore some top destinations in Italy for authentic experiences. For more information on Italy’s hidden gems, contact us here.