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Incredible travel experiences, priceless memories

Imagining stepping outside your comfort zone to explore new places that inspire a passion for seeing and doing more as a family.  I had these types of experiences in mind when I created Pura Vida Vacations.  As a travel advisor, I’ve enjoyed working with many travelers who have benefited from my custom-crafted itineraries.



“Travel is not reward for working, it’s education for living.”

– Anthony Bourdain

Meet Laurie Johnson 

 Luxury Travel Advisor


I am a wife, mother of three, and entrepreneur in the travel industry.  Even though I may never be able to visit every destination on my travel wish list in my lifetime, I love it when my clients can experience them for the first time.

Although I specialize in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, and group travel, I am eager to create custom travel itineraries to any destination in the world.

At one point in my career, I worked as a medical secretary at a local hospital & health system. Although getting away was challenging, it was well needed to relax and unwind after two stressful jobs.

After visiting Costa Rica many times and experiencing a stress-free life, it felt like the right time to pursue a new career and open my own travel agency.



My promise to you:  Make every moment of your family vacation count.  My job is to pack your vacation with places, people, and experiences that bring on awe.

My commitment to you:  Ready to explore more on your next family vacation – whether it’s a walk inside a volcano crater or castle trekking through Europe?

My invitation:  I invite you to keep in touch by signing up for my weekly e-newsletter, filled with family destination inspirations and travel tips I’ve learned during my travels.

And if you’re ready to talk about where you want to go next with the family, let’s chat on a complimentary consultation call.

I’d love to help you plan the next family adventure!

 – Laurie


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01- Dubr0vnik, Croatia

02- Lisbon, Portugal

03- Rome, Italy

Costa Rica

04- Costa Rica

05- Sorrento, Italy

06- Greece