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Are you a senior over the age of 60? Have you been waiting – too long – to take a life-changing cruise vacation? It’s time to set sail! Consider adding one of these seniors cruises to your bucket list for a trip to fabulous destinations around the world. Here are the best cruises for seniors with a serious case of wanderlust.

Missing Family? Choose a Multigenerational Cruise

multigen families on cruises with sseniors

Photo credit:  Celebrity Cruises [kids playing bocce in garden club]


Forget the Zoom chats. Pull everyone together for a trip they’ll remember forever, from the youngest grandchild to you, the proud matriarch or patriarch of your adorable family.

Choose the destination. Let other family members weigh in, and pick a cruise line that offers many activities for all ages (most do). While parents lounge at the pool or in the spa, kids can head to special areas just for them.

Everyone can come together for the best experiences for families, including fantastic dining or theatrical performances every evening.  As for the shore experiences, there’s nothing like sharing the joy of discovering new places together. 

Have a Few Weeks? We Have the Cruise for You

Oudong monastery in Cambodia

Photo credit:  AmaWaterways [visiting the Oudong Monastery in Cambodia]


During your earlier working years, it wasn’t as easy to jet off for two or three weeks at a time.   And certainly no more than that.  Now that you have the luxury of time, you can sail away for, well, as long as you like.

Use these bonus days to journey to a place you haven’t seen before, or maybe hadn’t even considered – southeast Asia, the Arabian Sea, Suez Canal, the Middle East, South and Central America, or French Polynesia.

On these longer departures, you’ll have more days to relax at sea and enjoy the ship’s amenities.   As well as more ports to visit, helping you truly feel the authenticity of a region instead of quickly sailing in and out.

Upgrade Your Stateroom Experience 

iconic suite with balcony

Photo credit:  Celebrity Cruise [iconic suite with balcony, category 1C]

When was the last time you cruised? Welcome to a whole new world at sea. When you’re spending days on the water between destinations, take advantage of today’s ships and their sophisticated, modern amenities and design. No longer will you have to stay in a small, frill-less stateroom, with all of your meals pre-dictated and a limited amount of shipboard entertainment.

As a senior who cruises, treat yourself and travel like never before in incredible suites with huge windows overlooking the ocean, expansive terraces, perhaps even a private plunge pool. Stay in exclusive sections of the ship that act as a “hotel-within-a-ship” with their own concierge service, gathering spaces, and restaurants.

Learn Something New and Enjoy Limitless Entertainment

limitless entertainment onboard cruises

Photo credit:  Celebrity Cruises [entertainment onboard the ship]


As we said, the shipboard experience of the past decades is no longer. Today’s ships are proud of their haute cuisine, world-class spas, educational opportunities – from wine tasting classes to workshops with Nat Geo photographers – and show-stopping entertainment.  

For those seeking cultural enrichment, there are cruises with locally influenced cooking classes and history lectures. There is specialty dining, Oprah’s Book Club meetings, BBC Earth presentations, golf lessons by PGA instructors, art and bridge lessons, and more. If you like, consider a themed itinerary, perhaps a theater-centric sailing or food and wine voyage. 


Get the gist? There are many options for the mature adult seeking a memorable, culturally enriching, and pampering cruise experience. Many cruise lines can accommodate limited mobility issues. And most offer activities and shore excursions catering to seniors and families, depending on who’s in your group. What sounds right to you?  Let’s chat about the best bucket list cruise for a senior and make it happen.