A trip to Paris would not be complete without a trip to the pastry shops to sample some of the delicious treats. For travelers with a sweet tooth, you will find temptation on every street corner. With so many delicious treats to eat in Paris, where will you begin?

Paris is a sugar lovers’ dream, and the only problem you’ll have when it comes to delectable French desserts is which one to choose. To help you navigate that yummy last course, we’ve broken down the top 10 must-try desserts for your visit to France. And if you have to eat more than one a day to get through them? Well, c’est la vie!

Best Treats to Eat While Visiting Paris

1. Tartes Aux Fruits

wander through the streets of Paris to find the best pastry shops

The tartes aux fruits are prepared with fresh fruit inside a buttery pastry. The fruit sits atop a heavenly Chantilly cream. You can enjoy these tartes in both miniature and pie sizes.

2. Éclair

strawberry eclair filled with cream

The éclair is a popular dessert in Paris. The long French choux pastry can be filled with either a rich custard or pastry cream and topped with a sweet fondant. By definition, the term éclair means lightning in French. Go figure!

3. The Paris Brest

paris brest

This pastry was created to celebrate the Paris to Brest bicycle ride in 1891. Naturally, it’s circular and contains praline flavored crème and choux pastry.

4. Macaron

macarons are a must eat in Paris

Macarons are undeniably delectable. There are so many flavors to choose from. The base ingredients include meringue and almonds. Be sure to not confuse it with coconut macaroons, in which the English added the -oon to the word in the 16th century.

5. Tarte Au Citron

Tarte Au Citron, also known as the lemon tart, is also very popular. Donning a pastry crust and delicious lemon filling. The filling, however, is not made with fruit. The cream is a mixture containing lemon juice, lemon zest, and of course, eggs and sugar.

93 rue de Seine | Arnaud Larher

6. The Mille-Feuille

paris in the evening

This fluffy treat comes in a vanilla or custard slice and consists of several layers of puff pastry. Between the puff pastry lies an additional two layers of pastry crème. Another name for the mille-feuille is Napoleon.

7. Tarte Tatin

Named after the hotel that serves the dessert (Hotel Tatin), the tarte Tatin is a unique upside-down pastry. Its ingredients include caramelized fruit prepared with sugar and butter. It pairs famously with a bit of tart crème Fraiche.

8. Choux à la Crème

cream puffs

These cream puffs are created using puff pastry as well. They swell while cooking and are hollow. The oozing center can be either whipped cream or custard. Interestingly enough, once you add chocolate as your topping, it then becomes a profiterole. There are various toppings you can add to this pastry, from ice cream to fruit and even spun caramel.

77 rue Galande | Odette Paris

9. Croissant

Croissants in Paris

This buttery, flaky wonder is a signature French pastry. There are so many ways to top it; you can use fruit, chocolate, fondant, or a compote of your choosing. You will not be disappointed.

88 Rue Cambronne | Maison Pichard

88 Rue de Martyrs | Pain Pain

10. The Petits Four

petit four

Translated, petit four means small oven, and are also known as mignardises. The fours are little bite-sized pastries that can also be savory if you choose. The sweet option includes a sugary glaze atop a crispy biscuit. These pastries are perfect for tea parties.

Are you interested in trying some of these delicious treats in Paris? We’re ready to help you plan your trip!

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