Paris, the capital of France, is one of the legendary cities known for its spectacular scenery. Besides its famous landmarks and art museums, you could easily spend more than a day in Paris.

This world-renowned city is full of radiant sites that are ultra-luminary. Nevertheless, if you have only a day to spend, you can fill it with lots of engaging activities. The following list will help you plan a trip to Paris.

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Spending A Day In Paris

Visit Notre­-Dame de Paris

cathedral-notre dame

First, stop by the famous Gothic cathedral for its breathtaking architecture and appealing artwork. It has a foot spire that is surrounded by statues of the apostles.

Exploring the Museums


To have a favourable day, you ought to schedule vital activities to perfect your day. Show up at the Louvre brings out the most impressive image of the prominent museum. It was put up as a museum during the French revolution, well known for its collection of paintings. Venus de Milo and Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa are the things you should not miss.   Check here for tickets to After-hours Louvre’s small group tour.

Tuileries Garden


Consider this place as a must landing place with a natural surrounding with admirable statues. The place has a playground for the little adventurers to have fun as you relax. Also, take a look at the different species of trees and flowers the garden has to offer.

Seine River Cruise

paris-seine river cruise

In 2007, a few members of my family and I took a Seine river cruise. The best forms of architecture are found along the riverside, so I know you will enjoy this excursion.  Suggested cruise:  Seine river cruise with lunch.



Get to know this magnificent building that’s been transformed for centuries. This building was initially a palace, later transformed into a prison. In Paris, you will get to learn and acquire knowledge of some sites. I recommend you visit the Tower on Quai de I’Horloge corner.

Trocadero and Eiffel Tower


The towers are captivating enough to make you fall in love with Paris. Enjoy the ride up using an elevator as you view the city from a distance.  Check here for tickets for priority access.

A day well spent in Paris gives you a relaxing feeling and creates memorable moments for a lifetime. For you to fully take advantage of the city, you must be time conscious. You can end your day in style by refreshing up in the elegant restaurants of your choice.

Certainly, spending a day in Paris is never enough but at least you’ve seen some of the key places.  For more experiences in Paris, contact us here.