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I have done a lot of travelling with different airlines and overtime, my airport experience has gone from good to great.

No doubt the most impressive invention has to be air travel. It is the most convenient and fastest way of travelling. With so many perks also comes the airport hassle. Transiting through the airport facilities can lead to a frustrating start to the trip.

I’ve come to pick up a few tips to make your airport experience better and I’ll share with you some of them.

Online Check-in

check in with passport documents

If you don’t like to waste time, this is the best solution for you. Open the airline’s website to access booking. Fill in the details of your passport and print out your boarding pass.

That’s it! A process that would’ve taken more than 30 minutes, done in only a few minutes.

You can also buy flights at off-peak hours and seasons to escape the long queues. These include, early in the morning, late at night, or outside of holiday seasons.

Utilize the Airport Lounges

utilize the airport lounges

Utilizing airport lounges is one of the many benefits of travelling first or business class and included in the package. There are unlimited food and drink, family rooms, shower facilities in some and computer rooms. It is a great way to have a more calm and relaxed start to your journey.

Chauffeured Pick-up and Drop-off Service

private airport chauffeur

It can be frustrating trying to reach a cab and finding there are no cabs available. For more personalized attention with a splash of sophistication, I’d suggest you book one of the luxury transportation services for VIPs.

The Chauffeur will come to meet and greet you at the airport promptly, assist you in carrying your luggage, and transport you to your final destination in class. The best part is you get to pick a luxurious car of your choice!

Download the Airline’s App

download airline apps

By downloading the app, this will help you know if there are any gate changes, delays, or cancellation of your flight. The app will help you save some time and avoid last-minute airport hassle.

Wear Security Screening-Safe Clothing


People can spend more time dressing and undressing while going through security checks than queuing at airport security. Ensure you have packed away the boots, belts, coats, and anything you might need to remove at the security check.

Different airlines have different security checks but play safe not to slow down the process.  Visit our travel resources for more security and safety tips.

Familiarize Yourself with the Airport 

For those trying out new airlines, you might want to get a map beforehand. It will be useful to get to know the airport and the restaurants, shops, and other facilities available there. This is especially helpful at larger airports.

To get more information on ways to make your airport experience better, contact us today.