In today’s topsy-turvy travel landscape – what’s open?  What’s not?  What tests do I need? – When to book your travel is a conundrum.  Do you wait and book at the last minute in case of new Covid restrictions? Do you book well ahead of time, hoping for the best in 2022 or even 2023? While there is much to be said for the last-minute vacation, even in non-pandemic times, we feel the benefits stack up on the side of booking early. Here’s why you should book your next vacation now.

1.  You’ll Save Money and Gain Flexibility

cruising in Budapest

With more availability for plane tickets, train fares, cruise itineraries, and hotel rooms, you’ll have more choices and flexibility. As those options narrow, the price inevitably goes up. In fact, when you book early enough and the slate is wide open, the airlines and hotels will be vying for your dollars, offering better rates, more amenities, payment plans, and more.

Booking early also gives you plenty of time to think about special extras you may want to include – a private wine tasting, perhaps, or a spa day. Your travel advisor will have more choices to offer you, whether it’s tour options, reservations, or massage sessions. You can add days to your trip, include a stopover in another city, tack on a post-trip extension – with time between now and your trip, these options are easier to make it happen.

2.  You’ll Have a More Authentic Experience

island hopping vacation from Willemstad


Most travel advisors certainly won’t balk at planning a last-minute trip for you and, in fact, might relish the challenge of putting together a fun, spontaneous itinerary. But if it’s a long-awaited vacation – like a grand tour of Europe, a trip to Machu Picchu, or island hopping in the Caribbean – you’re going to want an expert taking their time to research the flights, accommodations, tours, activities, dining, and more.

With this additional time, your travel advisor can tap into their network and connections in your chosen destination, setting up hard-to-get reservations, behind-the-scenes tours, and elusive theater tickets.

3.  You’ll Have Something to Look Forward To

book your Greenland vacation to see the icebergs

Don’t discount this reason for booking early. Especially in today’s world, having a super vacation to look forward to can do wonders for our outlook on life. All the languishing we’re doing right now? 

Whether it’s a bucket-list destination like Greenland or Tokyo or a carefree ski or beach getaway with extended family, you haven’t seen in years. Let yourself get excited and book your next vacation right now – you’ve waited long enough! One of the best antidotes is working with your trusted travel advisor to create your dream getaway.