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Below we have compiled some common questions and answers you may have about traveling post-COVID.  We are here for you!  When you are ready to start planning your next travel experience, we are here to make it the best dream vacation possible. 

Where can you go?

Very few destinations are closed for travelers.  Each destination has its own protocols for entry requirements, COVID-19 negative tests, and medical insurance coverage.  Part of my job is to educate you on a destination once you decide.

How have the rules for each element of your vacation changed?

Things are more flexible now more than ever during the pandemic.  Destinations are ready to welcome your back and ensure you are comfortable with your vacation destination.  Each element of your vacation has a different set of rules & regulations.  It’s my job as your travel advisor to read through these rules so you can understand and feel comfortable traveling.

How has pricing changed?

Pricing depends on the destination, time of year, and level of service you desire.  If you are traveling during peak season the prices will be higher than during the off-season.

What if my vacation is cancelled?

If your vacation is canceled we’ll work together to either reschedule or help you with refunds or vouchers were possible.  Most suppliers are willing to move your vacation to a different month or even year.  Normally suppliers would charge a fee for changes, however, most are waiving this fee.

Flexible travel - how do cancellations and changes work?

If you plan on traveling during these times how flexible do you want to be?  For non-refundable flights, you will not receive a refund for your purchase.  The same is true for hotel bookings.  To make changes to your booking, suppliers charge a fee + if there is an increase in price.  You may also incur a booking cancelation fee from advisors.

Support before, during and after travel

We are here every step of your trip.  I have a network of contacts feeding me real-time updates and support that I can share with my clients.

The danger of DIY travel planning

When planning your own vacation most people only look at the bottom line.  Which is price-driven.  Prices are based on how many restrictions there are, how flexible the component is.  

Hotels & airlines both offer non-refundable rates at a cheaper price.  If your plans suddenly change you will not be refunded for your purchase.  

The cheapest room category at a hotel usually means in a less desirable area.

Not all tour companies are licensed or have criminal background checks on their employees.

Travel advisory links

To make sure you are receiving the most up-to-date information about destination reopening & protocols, and airlines, please view the links below to tourism boards.  Note:  due to limited staff, some tourism sites may be outdated.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Costa Rica

Saint Lucia







American Airlines

United Airlines

Delta Airlines

Air Canada


Air Portugal (Tap)

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