Costa Rica Tours



Costa Rica Central America covers over 19,000 square mile  located between Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south.  You can drive or fly in one day from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean.  The Caribbean Coast with it’s white & black sandy beach provides ideal activities for snorkelling & sport fishing.  The Pacific Coast has an abundance of resorts & accommodations for every tourist.  Many beaches with black sand & a few with white sand are host to a variety of surfing schools and camps.  Throughout the Country you will find many activities to choose from.  Costa Rica the land of “Pura Vida” contains over 200 volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls and rivers.  Your family or friends can always find an adventure and sight to visit all year round.  Our specialty tours are designed for that niche group looking for something different.  Chocolate, coffee, and photography tours are tailored especially for you.  There is nothing better than being out at sea.  If you love the water try a little snorkelling, scuba diving or an amazing ride on a catamaran boat.  Maybe you like whale watching or dolphins, or possible deep sea fishing.  We have it all here for you to enjoy.  Let us know your interests and we can tailor a tour for you.

Adventure Tours

For a small country about the size of West Virginia with about 20,000 square miles.  Costa Rica is the 3rd smallest country in Central America.  If you are looking for fun & exciting adventures for the whole family Costa Rica has many activities throughout the country from zip lining in the canopy treetops, to white water rafting on one of our rivers, to traveling in the countryside on ATV’s or  horseback.  Sometimes of the year are better for certain activities than others.  Generally our rainiest season on the Pacific is Sept/October where we will get a lot of rain.  This may be a perfect time to explore the Caribbean side.

Wildlife Tours

Costa Rica is filled with an abundance of wildlife from monkeys, toucans, sloths, crocodiles and birds just to name a few.   60% of our land is mountainous with many National Parks located  through out the country.  Many birds come each year to migrate here making it a popular destination for bird watchers.  Different animals can be easier seen at certain time of the year like the Replenish Quetzal bird during mating season known for its striking color.   Others like to high way up in the treetops like the sloth.  We have 2 & 3 toed sloths here.  Our most popular monkey you will see is the white faced or Capuchin Monkey, seen throughout many National Parks.

Cultural Tours

Our simple Costa Rican culture will want you coming back again & again.  Travel to the highlands to see how coffee is grown at one of our plantations, visit our museums in our capital San Jose to learn about our history, or see how a typical Costa Rican dish is prepared from farm to table, and we must mention how wonderful our chocolate is.  Cocoa is grown on trees and makes for a delicious treat to drink or eat.  In certain parts of the country we have coffee & chocolate tours for you to enjoy.

Volcano Tours

Costa Rica has many volcanos located in the 4 mountain ranges.  The most popular to visit is Arenal Volcano located in the Guanacaste Region, Poas Volcano located in the Central Region, Miravalles Volcano located in the Guanacaste Region, and the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano located in the Guanacaste Region.  Planned tours to these regions is usually a full day with some hiking involved.  Each volcano is quite unique with its own history.

Water Activities

Costa Rica serves as one of the best places for water activities from excellent surfing opportunities & schools, SUP (stand up paddle board), to taking a catamaran cruise to the Island of Tortuga.  Surf school are located on the Pacific & Caribbean sides of the country.  Start as a beginner or for more advanced we have it all waiting for you in our happy country.


Costa Rica is the perfect destination to pamper your mind & sole bringing a balance of calmness, nature, relaxation with soft adventure for groups or incentive travel.  For those looking to escape todays busy lifestyle, taste the delicious tropical fruits with healthy meals, relax in the moment, and recharge your batteries this getaway is just for you.

All our tours prices are in USD.   Cancellation of tours must be submitted at least 30 days prior to tour by email or phone.  See our cancellation policy for more details.

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