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Before you go

Choosing a cruise for your first time is an excellent way to enjoy your vacation.  We were once all a beginner at cruising.  The more you cruise on different cruise lines you’ll find out which is your favorite and suits your needs the best.  CLIA Travel Agents have access to the best deals and promotions and can provide you with incredible travel advice.  View a blueprint of your cruise ship before your go by checking the cruise line website.  We are here to help YOU!  Have questions about a cruise?  Talk to us today.

Benefits of cruising

Taking a cruise is like enjoying all the benefits of an all- inclusive vacation and more.  Almost everything is included, 80% of the cost in advance so you can easily budget for your vacation.  Below is a list of amenities typically included in the cost.

  • all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night snacks)
  • room service (24 hours on many ships)
  • children’s club & activities (supervised)
  • on board activities such as casinos, nightly shows, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and more

Gratuities on most cruise lines are not included as well as shore excursions, port charges, and government fees.  Sometimes special promotions from cruise lines will include gratuities, upgrades or free drinks in a package deal.

Ships are not all the same

Smaller vessels can hold up to 300 passengers which there are many larger cruise lines that hold up to 3,000 people.  We can help with options that are best for you!

Seasickness on board

Many ships today are equipped with stabilizers helping to regulate the movement creating more balance and less motion at sea.  Ships are also equipped with physicians if necessary on board.  Remember to pack medications for your cruise.  Speak to your doctor before your cruise if you have a concern about seasickness.  There are many options to help with this.  Certain times of year are calmer on the oceans than others.

Getting acquainted with your ship

Each cruise ship has a layout plan of all the floors.  When on board we suggest to explore the areas of the ship to locate the lounges, restaurants, pool & activity areas.  Staff on ship are always there to help guide you if your lost or need information.  Take time to unpack, settle in and then stow away your luggage to optimize the space in your cabin.  Check out your daily newsletter for the activity program so you don’t miss out on opportunities.  Download the Whatsapp.  It’s a great way to stay connected with your group on board.

What to bring on board?

Most ships are resort casual so packing items like you would need on a resort are a good idea.  Remember to check with our travel specialist if formal dress attire is required for more formal nights.


  • travel documents
  • passports/Visa
  • credit cards
  • prescription medications
  • travel insurance
  • list of emergency number


  • light jacket
  • swimsuits
  • beach wear/ sandals
  • evening attire
  • shorts
  • casual outfits
  • purse (women)
  • pajamas
  • shirts (women/men)
  • dresses


  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • electronics, chargers, batteries
  • shore bag (shopping)
  • camera, batteries, camera card,
  • reading material (books or kobos)
  • umbrella


Most cruises add gratuities to your account or maybe included as an added package.  Check with your travel specialist or cruise line.


Shore excursions are often the highlight of any cruise for clients.  Planning that special day in port is exciting.  Don’t miss out on the best activities by leaving it to the last minute.  BOOK ahead!  Shore excursions can be booked through your travel specialist to receive the best prices.  Activities to see on land often includes volcanoes, wildlife sightings, zip lining or cultural tours.  By adding a shore excursion to your cruise you can make it the most memorable.  Don’t try to do too much decide ahead of time what ports you would like to take excursions.

Cruising is awesome!

Cruising has an 89% satisfaction rate among clients.  With that type of satisfaction your vacation is sure to be a winner.  You’ll want to do it all again!