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Custom Travel

“Traveling is about the journey, being a tourist is just about seeing the sights.”

So where do you begin?

For many people, independent travel transcends a simple activity, or even just a hobby, into an influential life-changing experience. Whether you intend to travel the world on your own after retirement or just follow your passion for travel, custom travel offers you the chance to enjoy some incredible experiences by taking some time out from your “normal” life.


Independent Self Drive Tours

Throughout our independent tours, you’ll find personally selected accommodations along with a rental car and a recommended itinerary throughout Portugal, Italy, or Spain.

These self-drive tours are designed based on our knowledge of each country and are easy for a first-time visitor to explore.

Escorted Tours

If you like the comfort and convenience of having the day-to-day activities all planned out for you and if you enjoy meeting other people – an Escorted tour may be a great fit for you! Escorted Tours are normally conducted by a tour director who takes care of all services from the beginning to end of the tour.

Pura Vida Vacations’ focus is on the perfect balance between luxury and authenticity, and we can create inspiring experiences tailored specifically to your needs.

Our planning fee

We charge a professional planning fee that covers the costs of research, planning, and booking custom travel components for your next relaxing vacation.

Our fee as follows:

International custom trips:  starts at $150

Ready to get started? 

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