Capri has all the landmarks of being a classic. There are so many experiences in Capri, the most glamorous and seductive island in Italy. The magical Capri is worth a stopover, with top sites to see as portrayed in its jaw-dropping natural beauty. Capri is a contemporary island filled with the scent of lemon that blossoms the air. Take a look at the signature Capri experiences.

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1.  Enjoy Capri cuisine

The charming Capri has the best reputation for tasty meals that are locally produced. It is not difficult to find great places to eat and drink in Capri. Exquisite culinary skills make the pastries and cakes taste exceptional. Try out some freshly prepared finger-licking meals which in Italian restaurants. Beef empanadas, olives, cheese, and Italian sausages make up the menu served at the restaurants. Your cravings for ice cream are done away with by the Buonocore Gelateria.

capri food
experience the fresh lemon gelato in Capri

2. Cruise around the island

Take a tour of the coast of Capri. What better way of cruising along the river than using the Luigi boat. Circumnavigating the island offers spectacular views as you get down Sorrento. The Phoenician steps keep one healthy by stretching along the road from Marina Grande to town. Villa San Michele is a must-visit site that offers the best photo backgrounds. Sporting casa Malaparte gives you the most beautiful hikes.

cruising the island of Capri

3.  Hiking

Take a walk to the natural ark and stop by the Grotta di Matermania an abandoned masonry cave. Hiking will lead you through a lovely forest full of lizards. It offers you a fabulous view of the nerve-racking sites by taking a glace of Capri from a stone’s throw distance. What a picturesque to make a stop and take a breath. Via del Pizzolungo is a top-rated hiking trail in Capri.

view point Capri Italy

4.  Beach time

Take advantage of the ocean bordered by a beautiful rocky beach with fascinating sites to take Georgiou’s photo. Swimming at the Grotto full of crystal clear water is an activity to refresh you up, especially in the evening when all the boats have stopped moving. A swimsuit, bikini, sunglasses, and sneakers packed in your backpack facilitate a perfect vacation in Italy. 

Capri’s Blue Grotto is a must-see for anyone visiting the island. You’ll need a boat tour to see it.  Using this site, you can arrange tours with reliable local guides in advance.

experiences the beaches in capri

5.  Shopping

Capri is a center full of shopping options. Take a stroll down the shopping street, a cosmopolitan destination.  Here shops are spectacular, especially near the Piazzetta. So jewelry fans will be pleased. Capri offers more shopping opportunities with its trendy celebrity hangouts, gorgeous designers, and silvery pieces. Make sure to check out the Italian outfit and the Gucci products.

top experiences in Capri

Where to stay in Capri

Make Capri your second home out of the outstanding nightlife in Italy. The hotels offer the best Italian hospitality combined with style and elegance. The services offered gives you an experience of true luxury. Capri wine hotel and casa Morgano undoubtfully guarantees you an incredible stay in Italy.

So now you have it! Just a few experiences in Capri but there are many more we haven’t listed. To discuss more about visiting Capri for your next trip to Italy, contact us here.