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You’re ready for more than a typical vacation, perhaps a yoga retreat with a group of girlfriends, a silent one for you alone.  Whether it’s a spiritual or a boot camp retreat, you’ll want to consider the same criteria when it comes down to choosing one.  In our hectic, ever-changing world, a retreat allows you the gift of time and space to focus solely on one aspect of your life.  Here’s how to find the right retreat for you that makes the most sense and fits the best into your life.

Get Help Narrowing the Choices

Who really wants to make another decision in life?  A professional travel advisor with connections around the world, and personal experience with a range of destinations, can help narrow the retreat choices to those that fit your personality, interests, and budget.  That’s me!  Together, we can chat about location, budget, activities, etc., and come up with a few for you to really dive into and consider.

Choosing a Location

retreat locations

Where do you want to go?  While it need not be exact, knowing what type of climate and landscape you prefer will help you narrow your choices.  Are you hoping for white-sand beaches and sun-filled days?  Do you prefer cooler temperatures, forests, and mountains?  Or, maybe you want both – some locations, like Costa Rica, offer both beach and jungle.

Consider, too, whether you want rustic or luxurious surroundings. Are you envisioning cozy cabins in the mountains or a lavish resort setting overlooking a sparkling sea? There are dedicated retreat centers just about everywhere you could want, but there are also focused retreats that are held in hotels and villas.

Considering Budget

relaxed vibe-retreat

Have a good idea of your budget as you start looking.  You may find that the perfect one is less expensive than you thought, and perhaps you can use those extra dollars to add travel days before or after your program to further explore the area.

Or, you may find that a dream retreat is a bit pricier than you hoped, and you’ll have to decide if the physical or mental reward from it will be worth it (we think it will be!).  There are budget-friendly yoga retreats, lavish mindfulness retreats, and everything in between.  Consider the transportation costs to and from your retreat’s location, so you’re not surprised at how it all adds up. 

Pro tip: Consider the off-season if the retreat is being held then and if you’re not overly concerned about the weather.

Focusing on the Vibe

mind and body-retreat

A retreat is all about what you get out of it in mind and body, so consider carefully whether you prefer a chill, relaxed environment or a getaway during which you’ll be on the go most of the time.  Depending on your chosen retreat, you may have free time for optional activities, so take a look at what those are and what’s nearby.  Remember, you’re the guest, and in most cases, you can opt-out of any activities you’re not into – or if you just need to laze about in your room for the day.

Learning Something New

paddle-boarding-retreat activity

Some among you will choose a retreat that gives you dedicated time to do more of what you love, say, yoga or running.  But, there are retreats available for learning something entirely new, too! 

If you’d love to take cooking classes but can just never find the time on a regular basis, consider a cooking retreat where you’ll spend a whole week doing just (and mostly!) that.  Attend a surfing retreat, a paddleboarding retreat, or an art retreat.  These specialized programs are just what you’ll need to kickstart a part of yourself that has lain dormant for too long!

Ready for something new?  I can help you find the right retreat. Let’s chat about what you’re daydreaming of and make it a reality.