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Getting To Know Florida

Florida was once a place for “snow birds” traveling to escape the cold bitter winter now it’s for the young & old to enjoy. I’ve traveled here since I was 14 years old.  My first time was with a friend staying with her grandma in Tampa.  Since then we have enjoyed the wonderful parks at Universal Studios & Walt Disney World.  Florida is more than just a theme park adventure.  It’s has wonderful malls if you’re a shopaholic, beaches to relax & get away from it all, many restaurants, and things to do.  The best part is you can choose to be as busy as you want with no pressure.

Miami and Fort Lauderdale are busy destination ports for many cruise ships making it very accessible for Canadians & US residents to travel via cruise ship.  The Kennedy Space Center sits off the coast at Cape Canaveral.  We have been there twice.  The last time was such a big improvement in the facility.   I have 3 space nuts so they really loved it.

Florida has everything from condos, house & villa rentals to resorts right on location at Disney or Universal Studios.  There is zoos to visit with your kids, and amazing fun waterparks.

My all-time favorite so far is Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  We rented a condo just outside of Buena Vista which had an amazing 3 bedrooms, balcony & the largest swimming pool located only a few miles from the major attractions.  Our main concern was having comfortable accommodations for us & grandma.  It totally exceeded my expectations.  We even had laundry facility in our unit, & complete kitchen with everything accessible & the pool supplying towels.  Heated too!  Even better.  Felt like being at home!

Florida is only a few hours in flight for the snow birds in North America or about 24 hours if you prefer to drive.  Everyone needs to experience Florida at least once in their life time.

More about Florida

Florida has approximately 1300 miles of coastline making it the longest in the United States.  The north part of the country is subtropical & the south tropical.  Florida mainly relies on tourism, agriculture, and transportation.  Many retirees make Florida there permanent home or the “snow birds” at least stay for the winter months escaping the cold Northern Climate.


Much of Florida is between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean.  You will probably experience lots of afternoon thunderstorms during late spring to early fall.

Flora & Fauna

Florida is host to many marine animals such as the bottlenose dolphin, manatee, and pilot whale.  Over 3,000 types of wildflowers grow, beautiful birds of pink colors (flamingos & roseate spoonbill) frequent the country.  In the everglades you’ll find plenty of alligators & crocodiles.

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