Project Description

    Tirimbina Nature Lodge

    Tirimbina Lodge offers an educational experience for it’s guests.  Walk the hanging bridges, explore the natural trails, and learn about ecotourism with activities all while enjoying the wildlife.

    Perfect location for families, students, groups.

    Basic rooms (students)
    Standard room

    Deluxe Room


    9km of trails

    night walk

    bird watching

    bat program


    self guided tour

    hanging bridges

    Basic rooms

    • 2 double bunk beds
    • Fans
    • Wifi
    • Closets
    • Clean shared bathrooms with toilets and showers
    • They are perfect rooms for backpackers, students, teenagers, high school, college and university groups.

    Standard rooms

    Comfortable rooms equipped with:
    • AC
    • Private bath with hot water, perfect for both individual travelers, couples as well as families
    • The rooms face a wide corridor and evergreen tropical gardens and rainforest trees
    • Comfortable sitting areas with wooden chairs are set along the corridor.

    Deluxe rooms


    • Private bathroom, Hot water
    • Air conditioning
    • Coffee machine for espressos and cappuccinos
    • Safety box, Closet, Terrace, Hair dryer
    • Access to forest
    • Clock

    photo credit [Laurie Johnson]