Inspiring Destinations

Inspiring Destinations

Have you ever wondered what travel planners do in their spare time? Make our own travel plans!

Here are some of the kinds of trips we like to plan and places we like to visit. We hope it inspires you to discover new destinations in exciting places, reconnect with relatives and make your own memories!

Let’s spark some wanderlust!


Portugal offers visitors short and long-term stays plenty of things to do and see, but its greatest attraction is its charming coastline.  Still, Portugal is so much more than its beaches. It is home to some breathtaking architecture and cultural treasures found in many of the cities and small villages.

The Algarve is one of Portugal’s top tourist destinations in the southern region, with more than 100 beaches and exceptional golfing. Adventurers will want to discover the many activities on Madeira or one of the 9 islands in the Azores.  From the north to south Portugal doesn’t disappoint.

Unique experiences in Portugal

  •  Explore the only Portuguese National Park and hike to incredible mountains
  • Kayaking in the Douro River
  • Wine tasting at an 18th-century Quinta in the heart of the Douro Valley

Get ready to explore the culture!




The historical center of the Roman Empire, Italy, boasts more cultural sights and attractions than you could ever hope to see during one trip.  Among the activities travelers can enjoy in Italy are strolling through Roman ruins, admiring the art and architecture of its cities, exploring medieval hill towns, skiing in the Alps, or taking a cruise on its breathtaking waterways and coastlines.

Italy will captive you with its charm, incredible architecture, and irresistible food possibilities.  Only have a week?  Start with Venice, Rome, and Florence.

Unique experiences in Italy

  • Visit vineyards in Tuscany and Piedmont, and enjoy wine tours, tastings, and a private lunch.

  • Enjoy a culinary tour in Rome, where you will taste the local cheeses, wine, pizza, and more
  • With your private guide uncover the history of the Vatican and Colosseum

You’ll want to come back again and again!



Among the hottest and most sought-after vacation destinations, is Spain. Every year, it welcomes more than 70 million tourists. Here, you will find distinctive architecture, rich history, and beautiful traditions.

The country has 5,000 miles of world-famous beaches. Spain’s breathtaking beauty, friendly locals, vibrant nightlife, and world-class shopping opportunities add to its incredible appeal.

Unique experiences in Spain

  • Experience a hands-on cooking class, including a market visit with lunch and drinks
  • Set out on a private guided tapas tour in Madrid
  • Enjoy a breathtaking evening of flamenco in Seville

Spain’s laid-back culture awaits!




Greece and the Greek Islands are on almost everyone’s list of postcard-perfect places to visit in a lifetime.  While Greece is mainly known for the past, it has an ideal climate for beach holidays thanks to its warm weather. A handful of islands in the Mediterranean are popular cruise destinations, including Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, and Corfu, which have an average of 200 days of sunshine every year. In addition to pebbled coastlines, tavernas along the sea provide lively nightlife.

Start your trip in the capital city, Athens before sailing to the islands.

Unique experiences in Greece

  • Dine on Greek barbecue on a sunset cruise off the coast of Santorini
  • Take a private tour of Byzantine and Venetian relics on Naxos, then sample citron liqueur at a local distillery
  • Learn the secrets of Cretan olive oil and wine on a tour with an expert guide

You’ll have a memorable time!


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