Welcome to Panama!  Home to a variety of micro climates & 12 eco systems.   Approximately 40 ships a day pass through The Panama Canal which is known as “more than a canal”.  Over 29% of Panama’s land is protected by 15 national parks, forests & wildlife refuges.  Some travellers now combine Panama & Costa Rica in one vacation.   Come see over 970 species of birds, nesting turtles, whales & dolphins.

About Panama

Panama is the southern end of the bridge that houses Nicaragua & Costa Rica.  Many come from neighboring countries for the duty free shopping.  Official languages in Panama are Spanish and English.

Many birds can be seen throughout the country including the trogon bird seen along the Pipeline Road.  Parque Natural Metro right in the city has 45 species of mammals, trails & 254 birds & reptiles.  A day of hiking to Volcan Baru  on clear day will give you a view of both oceans.

If your a fan of scuba diving or snorkeling head to Coiba Island National Marine Park home of the 2nd largest coral reef in Eastern Pacific or Boca del Toro closer to the Costa Rica border.

There’s no lack of activities in Panama for families or adventurous people.  They have everything from zip ling, white water rafting to hiking trails or whale watching.

The weather patterns are changing throughout the world but generally  Dry Season runs from (Jan-Apr) & Rainy Season  from (May-Dec).

There is so much to discover in Panama it’ll keep you coming back.  For more information on Panama contact us.

Panama Canal

Ruins Old Panama

Bridge of Americas

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