Welcome to Peru!  Come explore over 10,000 years of history & culture.    Lima the capital city is your gateway to adventure travel.  Peru is the 2nd leading country in the world for bird diversity and the 1st for bird observation including 84 life zones.   Peruvian culture is all around you with celebrations and festivals.  Visit the famous Machu Picchu or Nasca Lines which are only two of twelve UNESCO World Heritage Sites found here in Peru.  Top 10 reasons to visit Peru are adventure, archaeology, gastronomy, nature, health & wellness, living cultures, social responsibility, the coastline & off course our most popular World Heritage sites.

About Peru

Experience a guided tour to Machu Picchu via a 4 day trek on the Inca Trail.  The government has limited the daily passes of 500 to help preserve the precious land that has seen so many travelers over the years.  Fortunately the Inca’s made other trails which do not require a pass such as the Lares Trek & Salcantay Route.  Another option is to do a one day Inca Trail.  Rise early to see the Sun Gate at it’s finest.

Peru has many options for accommodations from hostels, boutique style hotels to luxurious places.  There are many wonders to see in Peru besides the famous Machu Picchu.  Visit the Chan Chan, Colca Canyon or Cuzco for an inside look at the culture and people.    The best way to see the famous Nazca Line is by plane.

Peru is certainly a culinary delight with chefs preparing all the popular Peruvian dishes such as cuy.  Check out the local markets for hand-crafted items or see how many varieties of potatoes you can find.

Over 60% of the land mass is forest perfect to spot over 1800 species of birds.   Summer is from December to March & Winter from June to September.  Peru has 12 of the World Heritage site located in the country.  The local currency is Nuevo Sol.

This is only a little of what Peru can offer you in unique experiences.  To find out more about Peru contact us.

The Sacred Valley

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