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Romantic Getaways

The Perfect Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways can help you discover new ways to connect.  For some couples, it’s all about relaxing on a tropical and sunny beach, while others prefer a new adventure in an exciting destination.  With our romantic vacation packages, you can revitalize your relationship and rekindle your love. Below are some ideas for your next romantic getaway.

“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with.”

— Robert Brault 


Choosing Greece as the destination for your romantic getaway will be one of the wisest choices of your life. Exotic Greece is famous for hosting some of the most idyllic places and activities perfect for couples. This is true, especially for those looking for vacations that will offer them precious moments of quality time. The most magical island of Santorini is known as the most romantic in Greece. During your stay, opt for accommodations with a private plunge pool with views of the caldera.

Unique Experiences in Greece

  • snorkeling in the deep blue sea alongside your partner on one of the mesmerizing Greek beaches 
  • wine-tasting experience in Athens, Nemea, Santorini
  • couple’s spa excursion
  •  take a bicycle ride through the romantic city of Nafplio
  • picnic in one of Mykonos’ striking beaches accompanied by plenty of indigenous wine 
  • watch the sunset at the Temple of Poseidon

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greece beaches
southern france


There are many reasons why France is so beautiful, starting with its diverse landscape, sun-drenched beaches, and rough Alpine peaks, as well as a remarkable cultural heritage that includes stunning cathedrals and palaces. And then, there’s the gastronomy, the haute couture scene, and the lovely language, all captivating for couples for a ravishingly romantic getaway.

Unique Experiences in France

  • picnic on the banks of the Seine river
  • enjoy a late-night show at Moulin Rouge with champagne
  • explore the ornate halls and highly-curated gardens of Palace de Versailles
  • sip a glass of champagne as you enjoy the views from the Eiffel Tower
  • visit the Loire Valley with hundreds of elegant castles (Chambord is the most famous)
  • dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant



The romantic cities in Italy abound, from the pastel-colored cliffsides of Positano to the glitzy lakefront of Como, not to mention the bucket-list capitals of Rome, Florence, and Venice.
Choosing just one (ok, two) out of the many options available to couples will be hard.

Less-traveled destinations like Ostuni or Ravello are ideal for couples who want to escape crowds while still experiencing the quintessential Italian experience-lush gardens, historic villas, and quaint trattorias.

Unique Experiences in Italy

  • stay in a 1000-year-old medieval castle in the Tuscan hills overlooking quaint villages, vineyards, and olive groves
  • take in a private wine tour in one of Tuscany’s vineyards
  • visit the 13th-century Villa Rufolo with gorgeous terraced gardens and Moorish-style architecture
  • scenic gondola ride in the floating city of Venice
  • For white-glove, high-dining service, take a water taxi to the Villa d’Este
omance in venice italy
spain romance


There are many romantic spots in Spain that you can enjoy with your partner.  Aside from the big cities, there are so many other places in the country you can explore to fulfill your passion for travel.  These tucked-away spots in natural settings will soon have you dreaming of your next getaway.  Where should you go?  How about Granada, Mallorca, Andalucía, or Alicante for its romantic nightlife?


Unique Experiences in Spain

  • visit the Huerto de Calixto y Melibea (Salamanca) where the lovers in La Celestina used to meet
  • private wine tasting in La Rioja
  • take a sunset catamaran trip in Malaga
  • private dance lessons for two
  • hot air balloon ride in Barcelona
  • quiet picnic for two in the gorgeous Paloma Park in Costa del Sol

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