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It is time to relax… Allow me to handle the travel planning for you!​


The role of a travel advisor has never been more crucial than it is now.  Traveling requires the expertise and flawless execution of a travel professional.  To make planning your next vacation experience as stress-free and meticulous as possible, I will guide you every step of the way.

Professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, and designers, charge professional planning fees in return for their expertise and the services they provide.  In my role as your travel advisor, I approach my work in similar ways.

By using my professional planning services, you can rest assured that all of your travel details are handled by an expert. Which ensures you won’t have to guess anything about your trip. I will provide my services every step of the way, throughout the entire travel experience!


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    How We Work

    We start off with a complimentary phone consultation, where you have the opportunity to discuss your travel ideas and have any questions answered. This allows us both to discover if my services align with your travel needs. 

    Prior to beginning trip planning, my professional fee is due after the initial consultation.  Before I begin my research you will pay a planning fee that is non-refundable and non-transferrable.   Consulting, research, planning, and preparing quotes are all included in the trip fee.  Our global network of preferred suppliers allows us to tailor a trip to exceed your expectations.

    After the itinerary is approved, we confirm and manage all elements of the trip, including and not limited to flights, accommodations, transfers, guided tours, and activities. Also, we provide recommendations for unique experiences, theatre tickets, restaurants, and local attractions.


    Our fully inclusive travel planning service includes;


    •  Complimentary in-depth consultation
    • Hotel & villa recommendations and booking
    • Flight recommendations and booking
    • Airport and hotel transfers
    • assistance with the best travel insurance policy that covers your itinerary
    • Car rentals
    • Train reservations
    • Cruise comparisons and excursion suggestions
    • 24/7 in-destination support by email or phone
    • Destination tour & activity suggestions
    • Best travel dates and times
    • Research & validate online reviews
    • Read & analyze each element of the rules & regulations of your travel
    • Emergency advise if & when you should need it
    • Prepared pre-departure documents and final checks
    • VISA & quarantine requirements


    Initial Consultation Complimentary 30 Minutes
    Professional Planning Fee Starting at $150 (per itinerary)
    Group Planning Fee Starting at $300 (based on size & itinerary)
    Pre & Post Cruise Planning Additional $100
    Hotel only $50
    International Flights $50 per person
    Domestic Flights $25 per person
    Last-minute changes within 5 days of departure $150
    Trip research only $30/hour


    NOTE:  GST will be added to all prices.

    Cancellation Fees


    A cancellation fee of $150 per person applies to all itinerary trip cancellations.  (This is my fee for submitting the paperwork to process the refund). (Note: there may be a cancelation fee or change fee from suppliers.)

    Cruise & Hotel: $50 per cruise reservation or per hotel.

    Flights:  $75 reissue ticket or exchange fee in addition to supplier penalties.  Penalties will depend on the airline’s terms & conditions.  $50 domestic reissue of ticket or exchange fee.

    Purchasing travel insurance is recommended.

    Ready to start exploring?  Request a FREE consultation now!