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Far from being just another tropical island, St. Lucia holds an embarrassment of riches for those seeking sun-splashed days, regional culture, natural beauty, and decadent dining. And yet, she never boasts nor preens.  The vibe is nonchalant as if to say, “Isn’t this just par for the course?  Isn’t every place on earth such perfection?”

Perhaps one of the best things about St. Lucia is her ability to provide two vacation experiences in one.  While foodies can indulge in traditional Creole dishes, nature lovers can hike to waterfalls and trek on extinct volcanic cones. There are historic plantations to explore near Soufrière and underwater riches to discover while snorkeling and diving.  Stay in Rodney Bay for resort luxury, or settle in in the south to be close to secret beaches and the iconic Pitons. Wherever you wander on the island, you’re sure to find what you’ve been dreaming of.

creating a meal with fresh ingrediences at Jade Mountain

Try a few of my favorite dishes; banana Leaf Roasted Mahi-Mahi & pumpkin soup

Here are some of our favorite can’t-miss experiences in St. Lucia.

1.    Sail Like a Celebrity

Sailing in St Lucia -AnseChastanet

Photo credit: [Anse Chastanet] sail or take a speedboat around the spectacular Pitons


Imagine a morning when you’re whisked from your upscale resort to the marina, where your private luxury speedboat awaits.  Today, you’ll feel the sun on your face and the wind in your hair as you zip past small local villages and hidden beaches along the coastline.  Stop at Marigot Bay, where the original Dr. Doolittle was filmed.  Back on board, enjoy a bountiful Caribbean lunch, then snorkel amidst the rainbow-hued fish and coral.

2.    Dine Decadently

dinner on the beach-AnseChastanet

Photo credit:  [Anse Chastanet] romantic private dinner on the beach


Consider yourself a foodie?  You’re in luck in St. Lucia.  You’ll have the opportunity to dine not only at one of the top dining destinations on the island but in the entire Eastern Caribbean. Sensational views complement every incredible meal.  Casual seafood dinners right on the beach area are available, too, as you watch the sun sink into the horizon.  Or, enjoy a private dinner with delectable wine pairings at a walk-in wine cellar.  There’s even the chance to have dinner as your champagne is whisked down a zipline to your waiting hand!

3.    Learn to Take Photos with the Best


Photo credit: [Anse Chastanet] St Lucia Oriole

If there’s one thing we can guarantee about your St. Lucia vacation, it’s that you won’t be able to stop taking photos.  Today, learn how best to capture this photogenic isle during a private session with an expert photographer. Suitable for both beginners and intermediates, and customizable to your personal interests, this course leaves no view unseen.  Explore picturesque Soufrière and document island culture, history and folklore through your eye – all with those lush Pitons, the ocean and the rain forest in the background.

4.    Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

chocolate making in lab at Jade Mountain

Photo credit: [Jade Mountain]


Chocolate never tastes better than after you’ve watched the process from “tree to bar,” learning how much detail goes into your favorite treat. Explore cocoa groves where you’ll see how beans are transformed through fermentation and drying.  Bite into a cocoa bean to taste its malty, nuttiness.  Watch the beans as they’re de-shelled, then mix and pour your own individual chocolate bar – it’ll be ready in just 30 minutes!  Finally, learn the essential chocolatier’s skill of tempering for a satisfying “snap.”

farm tour in St Lucia

Photo credit: [Jade Mountain] chocolate comes from the cacao bean shown her on a farm tour

Ready to go?  We can arrange St. Lucia’s dreamiest experiences for you, starting with a helicopter transfer to your resort, during which you’ll get the lay of the land with your experienced and informative pilot.  Settle into a suite with a private plunge pool with views of the Pitons and an “open wall,” so that you’re never without a panorama.  We know the island well and look forward to finding the perfect place for you.