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There are over 40 spectacular castles along the banks of the Rhine River which are one of the main reasons people go to Germany to see. Many tourists love to castle watch here. We have listed our top 5 Rhine River castles for you to visit if you make your way to Germany.

This beautiful and romantic region in Germany is also known for producing some of the best Riesling wines in the country, with its picturesque valleys and dramatic scenery set the scene for romance with small towns surrounding the riverbank and castles towering over the hilltops.

The Best 5 Castles in the Rhine River

1.  Rheinfel Castle

View of Rheinfel Castle

First off, let’s visit the Rheinfel Castle, one of the best Rhine River castles which are still in ruins. Visitors can explore the tunnels and trenches of what was once the largest fortress of the middle Rhine.

Today part of the castle houses the Romantik Hotel Schloss Rheinfels. Don’t forget to check out the museum located in the former chapel. It’s a must!

2.  Drachenbury Castle

View of Drachenbury Castle

The Drachenbury Castle sits on the hilltop near Königswinter, Germany overlooking the Rhine River.  Constructed in the late 19th-Century this castle only took two years to build. The owner, Baron Stephan von Sarter, planned but never lived there.

Furthermore, after being attacked by bombs in 1942, an investor saved it from being knocked down. Now people can enjoy stunning views, visit the extravagant rooms and lush gardens.

3.  Lahncek Castle

View of Lahneck Castle

The castle was built in 1226 by the Archbishop of Mainz Siegfried III.  Despite its pentagonal shape, Lahneck castle is the only pentagon-shaped fortress in the world.  It dates to the 13th century and is one of a kind since it was built in such a unique fashion.

4.  Marksburg Castle

View of Marksburg Castle

The Marksburg Castle is located above the town of Braubach, Germany. Historically, this castle is as ancient as it is beautiful. Amazingly, this castle has nearly survived for centuries and has never been destroyed or damaged by war.

Moreover, the Marksburg Castle now serves as the headquarters for the Germany Castle Association, which contains one of the largest libraries dedicated to castles in Europe. This medieval masterpiece boasts interesting rooms such as the gothic hall, vineyard, and stables.

5.  Stahleck Castle

View of Stahleck Castle on the hilltop

Lastly, overlooking the Rhine, this 12th-century fortification, was destroyed in the late 17th-century. Rebuilt hundreds of years later, Stahleck is now a popular hostel site for youths. This castle on the Rhine has a stunning view of the area from 525 feet above.

There is no better way to explore Germany than on a Rhine river cruise since your meals, drinks, and excursions are all included in the price. Alternatively, you may choose to explore these five castles by car or do a tailor-made land tour.