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Having a strategy for exploring the wonderful city of Florence with kids guarantees you the most captivating vacations. First, consider having a good plan that entails the most vital activities to venture into with the kids. Of course, you want your kids to enjoy their trip to Florence and leave with fond memories. Here is an overview of what will keep the little adventurer entertained.

Familiarizing with Florence cuisine

kid enjoying pizza in italy

Active kids tend to engage in energy-burning activities. We always want to keep the kids interested. So a cooking activity is a chance they won’t want to miss. Furthermore, the kids can attend cooking classes provided by the hotels in Florence while they check out the local market, the Marcato Centrale. Pasta, gnocchi, gelato, and pizza make up the combination of foods in Florence kids will want to try most.

Exploring Uffizi gallery

Uffizi gallery-florence

Here, the interactive activities ensure the kids are occupied as they participate in trivia games and treasure hunts. Florence with kids becomes more fun by honoring the well-known artworks, like Michelangelo’s holy family and Cimabue’s Madona enthroned. At Uffizi gallery, kids have access to life-educating games considering the child’s age and interest.

Ride Piazza Della Antique Carousel

Piazza Della Antique Carousel

Carousel rides in Florence are such a family favorite! Getting to ride the good-looking ponies and spin around the piazza is truly a thrilling experience for kids.

Enjoying a picnic at Boboli Gardens

florence -Boboli Gardens

The place is rich in natural beauty. Because of this, the gardens provide the perfect environment for the kids to play fun games while hiding behind the box hedges. Furthermore, kids can engage in tree climbing activities as they watch the Florence artisans branded leather and marbling paper. Also, the soft grass provides the kids with a humble place to relax.

Discover the Brunelleschi’s dome

Brunelleschi’s dome-florence

While climbing this dome, the kids can witness the magnificence of Florence Cathedral. Certainly, children will enjoy seeing the art and architecture at the churches. Moving around with kids brings about discoveries, such as the original golden door of baptistery as one of the things they should see.

Explore the museums

mom and kids enjoying florence

Visiting Leonardo da Vinci’s museum and coming into contact with his most famous painting keeps the kids delighted. The military and flying projects allow the teenagers to have a better understanding of Italy’s history.

The artifacts at the Stibbert museum bring out an impressive image to the kids as they can only survey the museum with the help of a tour guide. In addition, there are so many interactive displays at the museum offering the kids a better perception of the designs.

Prioritize giving the kids directions to curb their ever-rising anxiety. The kids require close monitoring as they venture into different activities. Furthermore, you can take perfect shots of every unique task performed to keep memories.

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