A travel guide to Positano can help ease that anxiety associated with visiting the world’s dream destination. Indeed, this destination is perfect for the seekers of adventure and local culture.

This popular holiday destination is rich in beach fronts and narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes. Its natural beauty reveals stunning vertical panoramas of colors above and beyond the beach. Positano is renowned for being popular with people of all lifestyles.

The vogue location sits on the Amalfi coast with the striking scenery outlook of the Mediterranean Sea. Your travel plans should revolve around this great location. Below is a travel guide to this wonderland.

Ways to reach Positano

fly to Naples-nearest town to Positano

The best way to reach Positano is to land in the nearest town of Naples. When you arrive in Naples, you can take a 2-hour train ride to Sorrento followed by a bus or taxi into Positano. Another option is to take the ferry from Naples to Positano. Those traveling to Positano with heavy luggage might prefer to use a train or private car.

Best time to travel

Travelers prefer pleasant weather. So, August and September seem to be the best travel months. Adventurers always enjoy outdoor activities uninterrupted by the ever-changing weather conditions. Therefore, these two months are ideal for travel.

Where to eat & stay in Positano

restaurant guide to Positano-beach view

After a tiresome day of activities, Positano is an ideal place to relax. You will have to decide on the best restaurant that perfectly suits your tastes. I suggest the following; Saracena D’Oro, IL Tridente (hotel Poseidon), and DA Vincenzo one of the oldest in Positano.
Some hotels suggestions includes: Hotel Reginella, Pensione Maria Luisa Hotel Savola and Hotel Royal Piisco.

The local dishes to try

beachside restaurant in Positano

Italian foods are known to be attractive and mouthwatering with a variety of locally produced traditional foods. Below are some of the local dishes that will give you satisfaction.


Enjoy the dish of barilotto, an Italian cheese made from the milk of the water buffalos. It is obtained by heating the water derived from mozzarella di bufala.

Morrone di roccadaspide

They resemble nuts and are derived from the dried or fresh fruits of anserta. The fruits originate from the province of Salerno.

Soppressato di ricigliano

Enjoy one of the most charming traditional Italian sausage prepared from pork.

Hiking trails

Positano hiking trails view

While walking around the town, explore the many hiking trails and learn about Michelin Positano. In total, there are about 75 trails. Of course, the most popular is the Way of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei).

One can easily access the port town of Civitavecchia by exploring the ancient archaeological sites well-kept in the forested areas of the region. Here, take time to explore the ancient Etruscan tombs, as well as the site of Cerveteri.

Positano should be a part of your travel plans so you can enjoy the incredible views seen in movies and photos. I hope you found this guide to Positano helpful. For more information about Positano, contact us here.

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