We all have an excuse up our sleeve to visit Spain, don’t we? Lively cities, amazing carnivals, idyllic coastlines, and a warm climate are all part of the reasons why Spain is a popular travel destination.  If you’re planning to take a trip to Spain, here are some tips to ensure your vacation is perfect.  Because Spain has a culture all its own.

It is located in Southwestern Europe with a population of over 47 million. Its capital city is Madrid and the main language spoken is Spanish, even though each region speaks it in a different dialect.

Spaniards love hosting visitors and drinking good wine while enjoying life. Nothing is in a rush there. There are so many activities that can be done in Spain. From hiking, relaxing on the beach, trekking the rivers to canyoning in the mountains. Spain accommodates all kinds of travellers.


Always consider the weather


This always varies depending on the kind of activities you’re looking to partake. It’s slightly cool and rains occasionally from around March to May depending on which part of the country you’re in.

The most humid and crowded times of the year in Spain is around July and August, especially in the coastal regions. It can get quite cold during winter and therefore less cultural activities take place at this time.

Befriend the locals

This is so that you fall into the tourists’ trap and getting the most authentic travel experience. The locals know the best places that are lesser-known to other tourists. You will also get to eat where the locals eat and enjoy their multicultural cuisines.

Spain-waterfront restaurants

If you’re not so thrilled about hanging out with strangers, you can always ask the receptionist at your hotel or anybody that lives around the area.

Places you should plan on visiting

Alhambra architecture columns

Spain is a very large country. When you plan your visit, don’t limit yourself to Madrid or Barcelona alone, expand your horizons. There are dazzling architectural works done on buildings like Miralles, Calatrava, and Gaudi.

Also make a point of visiting the unspoiled islands of Fuerteventura, the lovely seas around Menorca, and the beauty of Ibiza.

If you plan on visiting major attraction sites like the Alhambra which is located in Granada, ensure to buy your tickets weeks ahead of your trip because tickets are always sold out.

Activities you can partake

sierra nevada mountains in Spain

There are various activities you can plan on indulging in while you’re in Spain. Skiing enthusiasts can be able to show off their skills skiing down the Sierra Nevada Mountains just outside Granada.

Culinary lovers should head North of Spain because that is where the best cuisines are. With regions such as the Basque Country which is the best countryside in Spain filled with green hills, amazing bays, and great hiking routes, that is where you will enjoy fresh food.

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