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When you are traveling with like-minded people you create some of the best memories with family or friends.  Whether you are planning a cruise down the European waterways or an adventure of a lifetime, traveling with like-minded people will enhance your experience.

Traveling with Like-Minded People on a River Cruise

cruising on the Rhine River

It is no secret that traveling in groups can be beneficial to your traveling experience.

Traveling with people who share similar interests and enjoy the same hobbies is an excellent way to explore new destinations.  Especially if you didn’t know them before. The concept of traveling with a community of like-minded people has been around for years.   And is a proven way to ensure that you have a positive river cruise or land experience.

Develop a Connection with People

Sharing personal traits, hobbies, values, and interests are all starting points to building a relationship and developing a connection. Different groups of people have the ability to discover and enjoy new experiences from the same destination.

There’s something for everyone

Food lovers will indulge in France’s local cuisine.   Likewise, history buffs and architecture enthusiasts will marvel at the scenic Rhine River Gorge with its fabled legends and castles.

[view of Rhine River Gorge]

Active & Wellness Travelers

Active or wellness travelers can group together to bike the countryside and seek out beautiful side streets, cafes, and shops.  There is no right or wrong way to explore a new destination, so long as you are doing what makes you happy.

share a bicyling tour with like-minded people

Being able to share your passion and excitement for a destination or the local culture with your fellow cruisers is what makes a river cruise so memorable. Onboard, you can continue building your relationships as you plot out your plans for the next port of call.  

Wine tasting tour with friends

For example, some of the best river cruise companies have curated a variety of unique included experiences.   Based on different interests this helps to cater to every type of traveler.  Thus ensuring that you never miss out on the fun. You’ll be amazed by how quickly and effortlessly you connect with your fellow travelers as you cruise through Europe!

Even if you are traveling with your own group of friends, you can still mix it up during the day.   Try exploring a destination with a new group of guests who share similar interests. At the end of the day, it is fun to swap stories.  You can see the different perspectives, and learn more about the things the people in your group enjoy doing.

Land Tours

Even though river cruising is popular some people still prefer land tours.  It’s easy to join a small group tour if you are a single person or couple.  Essentially you’ll still meet like-minded people because you have a common interest in the itinerary.

Since the groups are smaller you can get to know the tour guide and the people you are traveling with better.  This may build life lone friendships for years to come.  Besides, you might decide to travel to a new destination together.


Imagine being able to hear your tour guide explain important facts about each destination as you are gathered in your small group.  This doesn’t happen when you have a large group of 50 people and you’re at the back unable to hear.  

Are you ready to discover the world and meet some new people along the way? Call or email a river cruise specialist to reserve your stateroom or suite on a river cruise.  Contact us.