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Why use a travel agent?

How do I know if this is the best time to go?  Where to travel to?  Is this the best value?

These are all questions I have asked myself.  The internet is full of information and make it easy to book on websites.  Or is it?  People can sometimes get overwhelmed with so much information or sometimes not enough.  Prices can change from one day to the next or even sooner.  The deal you saw yesterday might not be there today.  That’s how fast things change.  What happens if you do make that final purchase and hit that pay now button?  Is there a real person who can help if something goes wrong?  Who do I contact if I have questions?

I’ve personally recalled a few times just before leaving for vacation when my family has become sick with a few members unable to travel.  My immediate response was to call my travel agent.  We only had a few hours before leaving for the airport.  My agent sure came through for us.  Got our hotel & airline tickets re-issued, and gave us quick instructions on who to contact immediately to get our travel insurance claim started.  Another reason why I believe in travel insurance.  You just never know when the unexpected happens.

What an agent can do for you!

A certified travel agent continually trains throughout their career learning about the products they are selling, take many familiarization trips to get that first hand experience to pass on our reliable resources to our clients.  We have a trusted working relationship with our suppliers who provide us with training on their products and the best prices to pass on to our clients.

Along with our knowledge & expertise we can help save you money,  determine budgets, and give you travel options.

Travel agents are too expensive you might say.  You might think this but in reality you could pay more for your vacation.  You are likely to pay less and get more value using a travel agent.

We are your advocates and put your needs and interests first.