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Picture a glass of wine between your fingers, slowly wafting in that sweet and divine aroma. Where would you want to be? Italy, right? Italy is among the largest wine exporters in the world. Its distinctive feature is its production of refined and exquisite wine. Around 4000 years ago, wine was an established part of daily living in Italy. Explore the history with these 5 bests wine routes in Italy.

Prosecco Wine Route

proseco wine route Italy

The Prosecco wine route is to the North of Venice.  Along the way, this exciting wine tour passes elegant wineries such as Bisol, The Tordera Prosecco, and Fasol Menin Winery, among others.  Sample the different kinds of Sparkling, Semi-sparkling, and the Still Version Prosecco in exquisite vineyards and cantinas.

Etna Wine Route


The Etna route, which traverses volcanic roads and vineyards, was created to promote wine production.  One of its most famous wines is Etna DOC which is available in red, white, or rosé.  Another divine wine available is Etna Rosso. Explore the fascinating vineyards, wineries, farms, and cantinas such as Gambino Vini, Etna Vivera Winery, and Etna wine lab.  In addition to visiting the wineries, you can also visit Mount Etna, which is still active.

Chianti Classico Wine Route

winegrowing-grape trees

Along with Florence and Sienna, the Chianti Classico wine route offers a captivating adventure.  The Viticcio Winery, the Greve Townland, stretched vineyards, and vast sceneries provide you with breath-taking locations.  While taking the tour, the Chianti wine makes for an excellent choice, as it has over 2,000 years of production experience.  The taste of Chianti Classico, a DOCG wine, leaves you with an unforgettable experience.

Barolo Wine Route

Barolo-wine route

In Italy’s north-western region, the Barolo wine route is known for its exquisite red wines produced from Nebbiolo grapes.  Taste vintage wines and explore its tradition at Barolos middle age wine museum.  Explore the interesting wine route by visiting Verduno Castle and Grinzane Cavour Castle and stop by stunning restaurants along the Barolo wine route.

The Etruscan Roman Wine Route

tuscany-popular wine region in Italy

Located in Western Coast Tuscany, the Etruscan Roman wine route is a must-visit for wine enthusiasts. Tour the architectural sites that range from Narni to Orvieto, like Abbey of San Cassiano and Fortress Albornoz.  These prehistoric sites will take you on a historical adventure. Take a trail along the vineyards and quench your thirst for wine with Montescudaio, Bolgheri, Val di Cornia, and Elba Rosso DOC, the most refined samples along the Etruscan Roman wine route.

Wine lovers, what are you waiting for?  Start planning that trip and experience an unforgettable journey with these five wine routes.

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