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We help busy couples & families plan and book luxury getaways who want a vacation full of authentic experiences

Boutique travel planning for luxury getaways

At Pura Vida Vacations, we understand that you want a relaxing vacation experience that ticks all the boxes, fits your budget, and is as stress-free as possible.

To have that, you need a professionally planned vacation.

The problem is that while you love taking vacations and exploring the world, you do not have the planning skills, experience, or travel industry connections to make it easy.

Trying to DIY your travel plans leaves you feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s not your fault.  We understand how it feels because online booking websites make it sound easy.

Our approach as a boutique travel agency is to specialize in handcrafted vacation packages across the globe.  The customized itineraries we design are highly personalized with careful attention to detail.  Working with our in-country partners allows us to create local experiences out of the box with excellent service should you need us during your vacation.

It’s time to go from overwhelmed to suitcase packed, and a relief lifted off your shoulders.




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Hi, I’m Laurie Johnson

Nice to meet you!

Having your own professional and certified travel advisor is like having a private concierge for all things travel – qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, connected, and always working to make your next trip the best one you’ve ever had.  

With over 15 years of experience in health care, I combine my love of travel with my organizational skills to approach travel planning with great attention to detail.  I continually learn while experiencing new destinations and everything local. My passion is to help you create a vacation filled with authentic experiences.


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